Beauty clinic survives in style


    Diana Stalder (dS) is stoked to beautify and pamper itself again after months of being frazzled due to the distressing effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

    The Gateway Mall, Cubao outlet – which strictly follows protocols that ensure safety for both guests and staff – has been safely reopened when restrictions in the metro were eased.

    The branch continues to run until today, thanks to the management’s decision to downsize and concentrate on the head office, so that the correct protocols of the Department of Health will be implemented with the direct supervision of the owner herself, Dina Dela Paz Stalder.

    Dina’s daughter, Diana, a registered pharmacist and a trained aesthetician from the United Kingdom, chose the crème de la crème employees who had the resilience, perseverance, and heart for service.

    Although it was hard to let go of a few people, they had to make the decision for the betterment of not only the company, but also the quality of their performance.

    Meanwhile, the beauty clinic was able to pivot during these crucial times by introducing a lockdown-born online market that started on Diana’s birthday last April.

    “We really want to help our employees and local farmers, as well as supply fresh produce to communities,” Diana said.

    Even though many were telecommuting, they began a project in which their employees can sell dS products at a regular price and receive 40 percent of the sales to ensure they have income.

    Apart from this project, the group also conducted corporate social responsibility programs to help during these times.

    “We didn’t just stop there as we were able to win new customers from that platform who are willing to try our products and services. Still, humanity must continue to cling to their faith despite all the year’s uncertainties,” Diana related.

    The Stalders plan to expand the company by bringing their products to Switzerland. They already have a satellite office in the UK and they feel it will be a great avenue for startups where many opportunities can be gleaned. – Edison Joseph Gonzales