Be fearless against hair loss

    In a study conducted by the Philippine Council for Health and Research Development (PCHRD), at least 50 percent of Filipino men would experience hair loss by the age of 40. But while it’s a common condition for men, hair loss still negatively impacts most guys’ self-esteem. For online personality, DJ and brand manager Lucio Pua, hair loss has affected the way he handles his work.
    Lucio Pua

    “I do have relatives na talagang kalbo na sila. At first I thought stressed lang sila, but di siguro naiiwasan yung genetic combination na ‘yon na eventually nakuha ko,” Pua said in an interview. “It’s bothering me a little bit, especially my line of work and of course, going out to promote my liquor brands. It’s a hassle.”

    Medic Hair provides an effective solution for men’s hair loss problems to further boost their confidence. Created by Nutriplus Laboratories Corporation, Medic Hair believes that early preventive measures are key to becoming fearless every day.
    It utilizes natural ingredients that are essential in promoting male hair growth: namely, the combination of Saw Palmetto and Ginseng extract. Unlike the existing brands in the market today, Medic Hair works as an effective DHT blocker.
    DHT stands for Dihydrotestosterone, which is considered the root cause of hair loss for most men. With aging, testosterone, the primary hormone for male physical growth, is converted to DHT by the enzyme 5-alpha Reductase. As men get older, DHT’s function in the body diminishes. As a result, it accumulates in the body slowly, sometimes at a much faster pace.
    When this happens, it ends up binding to hair follicles, preventing them from receiving essential nutrients that they need in order to produce new hair. This is what causes hair loss on men–nutrients are unable to reach your hair follicles; thus, the hair will slowly weaken and die. On the one hand, the hair follicles will fail to regenerate new hair.
    Medic Hair does not only stop hair loss before it even occurs, but it also encourages regrowth of hair in the scalp with Ginseng Extract, which nourishes the scalp from within stimulating hair follicle regrowth. Furthermore, a number of benefits from Ginseng include reduction of stress levels, improvement of scalp health, antibacterial properties to fight off dandruff, and halts the occurrence of grey hair.
    To use Medic Hair, simply rinse hair with water. Once dried, apply and massage one to two pumps of the product on the affected area twice daily. Do not rinse for at least four hours. With regular use, see visible results within two to four months.