Baguio boy opens NCCA gallery


    Baguio artist, Oliver Olivete opens the National Commission for Culture and the Arts gallery with a one man show opening on January 13, 2020 at 4pm.

    Dubbed as “Laro Tayo” the show pays homage to childhood and all that has been left behind.

    The Olivete show is a mixed media exhibition of tile, wood and found objects arranged to take you back in time for a nostalgic journey.

    Kabunyan De Guia curated close to 50 pieces of forgotten games and tradition have been lovingly put together by Olivete to compel one to remember the days when life revolved around an afternoon of play until technology took over the generations.

    Olivete was pushed to recreate childhood games as a result of a sense of loss for the demise of the tradition of playing by the digital native’s use of gadgets and technology.

    “Laro Tayo” is a journey to the childhood adulting has taken away, allowing us the grace to return to innocence.

    Olivete said “The wood materials I will use for this exhibit are upcycled from demolished/taken down old houses here in Baguio. I think this will add another dimension to the story I want to tell because old wooden houses here are also slowly being replaced by concrete condo’s and hotels. Just like old-fashioned outdoor games being “citified”, houses in urban cities are also the same. I want to show the simple fun and sense of adventure playing outside can give, without any use of expensive toys or gadgets.”

    The show runs until January 31 at the twin NCCA galleries at Intramuros in Manila.