Auspicious offerings

    Crispy Rice Net Wrapped-Tikoy with Cheddar Cheese and Candied Winter Melon

    City of Dreams Manila marks the arrival of the Year of the Metal Ox with festive menus that symbolize good fortune at its well-loved signature restaurants.

    Diners can indulge in a prosperous meal of fine Cantonese cuisine and regional Chinese specialties at Crystal Dragon until February 26.

    Prosperity Abalone Yu Sheng Salad

    It also offers the Prosperity Abalone Yu Sheng, a vibrant salad drizzled with oil and sweet plum sauce consisting of sliced abalone, colorful julienned papaya, pomelo, carrots, radish, onion leeks, chopped peanuts and deep-fried flour crisps, which are customarily tossed while saying auspicious wishes or simply “Lo Hei!” out loud to bring in good luck.

    Specialties to welcome the new year make up the special a la carte menu, which include Double-boiled Black Chicken Soup with Chinese ham, conpoy (dried scallops), maca (Peruvian ginseng) and fish maw; Steamed Prosperity Chicken with assorted Chinese herbs; Wok-fried Mud Crab in spicy chili bean sauce; Braised Chilean Abalone with pork knuckle, dried oyster, sea cucumber, and black moss; Steamed Taro Rice with lap cheong (Chinese liver sausage), mushrooms and diced chicken; and Crispy Rice Net Wrapped-Tikoy topped with cheddar cheese and accompanied by candied winter melon.

    Double-boiled Black Chicken Soup with Chinese Ham, Conpoy, Maca and Fish Maw

    Celebratory a la carte dishes infused with Japanese-Peruvian flavors are fit for a joyous Chinese New Year dinner fête at Nobu Manila.

    Available throughout February are Sea Bass Tempura with sweet chili cilantro, mixed field greens and sesame seeds; Nobu-Style Pica Pica Platter, a mouth-watering assortment of Wagyu tacos, Kobe dumplings, black cod in butter lettuce and scallop in phyllo; and Lapu-Lapu in a selection of Nobu-style sushi and sashimi canapés – Tiradito, New Style, Dried Miso, Umamijime, and Kobujime.