At your side for the past 125 years


    MUCH has been said about the Filipinos’ resilience, as Sun Life Philippines honors this strength that has enabled the country to bounce back and shine even brighter.

    Benedict Sison

    As they regain their balance, Benedict Sison, Sun Life chief executive officer and country head, said at the recent “Himig ng Pasasalamat” online concert to take with them the learnings from last year’s experience.

    Sison also said to take steps to alleviate the worries that come with dealing with illnesses, financial insecurity, and an uncertain future. This way, “we can be better protected in the future,” he added.

    2020 has been a staunch reminder of how collective efforts can yield fruitful results, he said.

    “We strongly believe that we will get through this,” he noted. And just as Sun Life has been around for the past 125 years, it remains committed and looks forward to being the Filipinos’ lifetime partner in their continuing journey to a brighter future.

    Alex Narciso, Sun Life president, has lauded advisors who embraced new ways of doing business to continue serving clients, for being a ray of light amid last year’s many challenges.

    Narciso said not once did they raise the white flag no matter how difficult the situation was. Instead, they remained committed to their clients, guiding them as a true lifetime partner would.

    Gilbert Simpao, Sun Life chief marketing and client experience officer, for his part said with the clients in mind, various initiatives were launched to allow the company to fulfill its obligations and remain true to its promise amid the pandemic.

    “We will continue doing all we can to serve your needs, fulfill our obligations, and care for the greater community,” Simpao assured.

    Sun Life has launched the Remote Online Medical Examination (ROME) facility for clients applying for an insurance policy or a reinstatement.

    With ROME, the company’s accredited full-time medical examiners will perform online medical examinations through a video conferencing tool approved by the company.

    This brings clients a step closer to securing a policy while staying in the safety and comfort of their own homes.

    A new digitally-enabled selling process allows Filipinos to avail of life insurance products and stay financially protected amid the community quarantine.

    This will make use of teleconferencing tools so clients may still connect with financial advisors to get professional advice on their financial goals, learn about the insurance solutions that would best fit their needs, and avail of these products.

    The Byahero Protect, on the other hand, is a digital insurance product that covers accidents and provides additional benefits for those taking land travel.

    Exclusively available to registered members of Lazada for only P100, Byahero Protect provides a coverage of P25,000 in case of accidental death or dismemberment, with additional payout and burial benefits if the death was due to a land travel accident.

    Aside from these, a daily hospitalization income benefit worth P250 a day for up to a maximum of 10 days will also be given in case the insured is hospitalized because of a land-travel accident, plus an additional amount if confined in the hospital’s intensive care unit.