Art innovations that uplift


    IVAN CO is an artist who has experienced passion, loyalty, integrity, and purpose in life. In October, 2019, he achieved his dream of exhibiting his work in MANILART at SMX Aura Taguig.

    As it had always been his intent to create jewelery pieces ‘that the world has never seen before,’ Ivan works hard to be as innovative as possible. At the art show, Ivan’s works were well accepted by an audience of people in the know.

    At MANILART, one day was allotted to students who viewed the art works during their field trip; and the students certainly enjoyed the experience of viewing art in different forms and media. With that, Ivan reinforced his personal mission “to help create a world where innovations in art will be the top priority.

    Ivan Co say: “All artists at their untainted form only desire to show their work to the world regardless of acceptance or criticism….my proposal for this is to introduce an alternative way of introducing art for the awareness of every viewer. A powerful yet difficult idea that I and like-minded individuals came up with as an alternative to the ‘normal’ process. It would be my absolute pleasure to share my art with everyone.

    “I believe that through empowerment, artists can represent themselves and bypass any blockages in reaching their audience and to prioritize the development of their talents.

    “I have started a movement to create a ‘Concept Preview Show’ that would showcase art pieces that are so original and so unfamiliar that in can actually inspire and motivate the audience.

    “As an artist, it is my promise to create art innovations with the purpose of uplifting the whole in everyone. Just imagine if I can only inspire one artist to collaborate and be aligned with the same mission, the next show would be a step towards the grander vision…and looking even farther ahead, when there are 20 or more artists on board for this mission, that will be an all new art show by itself, a wonderland of some sort where one will see theatre, dance, poetry, music, visual arts, digital arts, and art installations.

    “It would revive the feeling of inspiration that we got as children when we first visited science museums. There certainly has an emotional effect to this vision and we and my co-artists are starting our advocacy on this now.

    “In the perfect world of art, artists like Vincent Van Gogh won’t need to commit suicide,” Ivan Co said.

    Well, I certainly wish you the best of luck, Ivan.

    The elders who include me wish for your success in the field you had chosen for yourself…..and may your audience remain happy as ever!!!

    Ivan Co has a show at the Ascot in BGC on November 23, Saturday from 10am to 7 pm. If you find the time, come and view the surprises that this artist cum jeweler has in store for you!