Art in time of quarantine


    Galerie Joaquin, in cooperation with Fundacion Sanso, is pleased to present Louie Ignacio’s 9th solo exhibition and the Philippine premiere of #DEepexPRESSIONs which will run until October 7. The short film with the same title has been invited for screening and competition by film and art institutions and festivals in Barcelona, Rome, and Delhi this last quarter of 2020.

    Hidden within the title is the word DEPRESSION, the strong and lingering wave of emotion felt by Ignacio from the powerlessness and confusion brought about by the first few months of COVID-19, and the Enhanced Community Quarantine that was in effect on the entire Philippines from March until June.

    “Hearing news of people getting sick, and not knowing what to do and how I could help, I painted, and made this film. Art is my refuge,” says Ignacio, who is known mostly for his cheerful, and vibrant landscapes and flower paintings, which count Sanso among his artistic influences.

    Above the Dreams

    “I am proud to say that Sanso is one of the painters who inspires me. When I had a show, and he told me that one of my works was “his”, I was so proud. It was the highest compliment he could have given me. And so I am happy to have this solo exhibition at his museum. I have always dreamed of having this, and now it is here,” he added.

    Like Ignacio, Sanso was inspired to paint as a release for the trauma he experienced during World War II. For Sanso, art became his salvation. Painting his grotesque black series exorcised the demons of his trauma in the decades after the war. He ultimately found peace in the coasts of Brittany, and created colorful seascapes and florals after that, much like Ignacio has done with this exhibition.

    One Full Season

    “I know that by making art, I am also contributing to making the world a better place; primarily for me, but then also to those who see the beauty and the solace that these paintings and this film expresses. Beauty does not always appear in what is happy.

    Sometimes, it appears even in the bleakest times. As Feodor Dostoevsky says, ‘Beauty will save the world.’ And it has done so, for me.”