Art and the artist in the new normal


    On the topic of Art in the Philippines, I admit that I had been skeptic about the so-called “new normalcy.” So I talked to an artist, a gallery owner, and a corporate events manager whose positive views regarding the matter is so enlightening and encouraging.

    Here is what they have to say:

    Anton Magpantay, CPA, FRIEMgt

    Anton is a fellow of events management of the Royal Institution Singapore. He manages corporate events focusing on the arts, environment, and other socially relevant issues.

    Currently, he is taking his Masters in Science in International Events Management at the University of Salford and Robert Kennedy College.

    Anton says, “The Arts will continue to flourish, and artists will be as prolific as ever.

    “COVID – 19 has given artists enough time to focus on their artistry, hone their skills, and try new things. The results are inspiring original artworks coming from different perspectives, which are drawn from the artists’ experiences during the lockdown.

    “Artists need support to jumpstart an online art revolution.

    “In the new normal, the absence of art exhibitions in galleries and public places, the online world is the only platform left. Here artists can showcase their craft and conduct business with their target audiences. Therefore, institutions like the government and private sector should act cohesively in providing online marketing and selling opportunities for the artists”.

    Abe Orobia, artist and art teacher

    “After this long quarantine, I would like to enjoy nature again. I miss going to provinces and travelling abroad. Learning people’s culture and expanding my knowledge. From these travels I get my inspiration.

    “Artists we are used to staying in our studios; but also need a breather. Nature and learning rejuvenates me. It expands my perspective in different ways that is beneficial in my art style which is symbolism.

    The trend now is to create virtual exhibitions which I have participated in and will be participating in the coming months.

    “In this troubled times, the role of the artist is to influence the general public through our art because Art can heal and touch people lives more than ever.

    “This is not just limited to appreciating our pieces but indulging or encouraging people to create artworks of their own. Thus I post art tutorial videos on my social media accounts. I believe that when more people become more creative, they will most likely survive this pandemic.

    “Art may be “discovered.” Instead of people going out unnecessarily a new found skill of creative pursuits through Art can help them grow in spirit.

    “Art has saved me time and time again, and this fact is what I want to share with everyone! “

    Bambi Antonio de Castro, the ARTOLOGIST Gallery

    “Our world of many industries is undergoing radical shifts in order to find ways to adapt to the new normal. Thus, The Artologist Gallery must adapt to this degree of changes. As we recognize new opportunities, we now are modifying our art business.

    “Expanding and improving our online presence is our top priority. Expect to see more virtual reality art exhibitions from The Artologist Gallery as we see fundamental changes taking into effect.

    “Enrolling online for art classes or “Have an Art Party” will keep adults and their children busy at home.

    “We can ship all your art material needs direct to your home. Classes start on July 7.

    “Our galleries In Shangri-La Plaza and Ayala Malls Manila Bay are now open to the public.

    “Be rest assured that out daily sanitation standards, will ensure your safety as our staff are equipped with PPE’s, masks, face shields, vitamins, and antibacterial liquids”, says Bambi de Castro.

    I now conclude that there is more than hope for Art in the Philippines!

    I only pray for it to flourish to greater heights.