Amazing deals on big Christmas sale


    Born with the vision of making online shopping accessible, easy and enjoyable, Martin Yu, Shopee director, said the e-commerce platform was built from the ground up and listens to customers’ specific needs in each of its markets and turning its understanding into well-executed localized strategies that make it what it is today.

    Shopee also highlights three key trends – bringing the human touch to online shopping (social), catering to the ‘me’ economy (personalization), and creating a seamless customer journey (integration) – that will continue to power the growth of e-commerce in 2021 and beyond.

    Yu also said this year has been a transformative year as it has shown the e-commerce platform the importance of technology and its ability not only to connect people and meet their basic needs, but also to entertain and engage.

    “We are just at the beginning of our digital journey and looking ahead, we believe e-commerce will have an even more profound impact on businesses and consumers, creating new ways of living, working, and engaging,” he noted.

    Shopee Philippines wraps up the year-end sales season and marks its fifth birthday by launching its annual ‘12.12 Big Christmas Sale’, highlighting promotions and big rewards with ShopeePay, #MyShopeeWish TikTok Challenge, as well as big discounts from leading brands.

    Shoppers who use ShopeePay can look forward to free shipping, discount vouchers, and a chance to win cash prizes until December 11.

    Join the #MyShopeeWish TikTok Challenge until December 30 to win prizes. Winners will be announced on January 15, 2021 on the e-commerce platform’s official social media accounts.

    They can also enjoy up to 50 percent off from leading brands on Shopee Mall. Other brands offer discounts too.

    This year’s 12.12 has added significance as the e-commerce platform comes together with its brand partners, sellers, and shoppers to support one another through a challenging year.

    Shopee’s recent 9.9, 10.10, and 11.11 shopping events set new records and signified the changing landscape and potential of e-commerce in the region.

    As the e-commerce platform looks back on its journey, “we are proud to have adapted quickly to serve the needs of our local communities.” Yu said.

    “Let’s continue to look out for one another, uplift those in need, and welcome the new year on a high note,” Yu said as they end the year with the said sale.