Achieving healthy, beautiful-looking skin


    Investing in one’s facial care routine reaps rewards down the road over the years. Nivea’s new Blooming Pink Range aims to bring out the best in any Filipina.

    Start the routine with the Nivea Fair & Glow Whip Foam. It features Hokkairo rose extract that has 36x more anti-oxidants to bring life back into your face. Unlike other facial washes, this one has 0% alcohol to effectively cleanse without drying your face out.

    Follow it with the MicellAIR Cleanser. This new cleanser is more than just micellar water. Like the Whip Foam, it also has Hokkaido rose extract with 36x antioxidants for clean and glowing skin. Unlike alcohol-based cleansers that dry out the skin, it effectively cleanses without that harsh, drying effect.

    Don’t forget you need to care for the skin on your body, too! For healthy, glowing skin without the stickiness, grab a bottle of the Cooling UV Lotion. This one has cool tech to help you stay fresh all day as well as lotus extract, licorice extract, vitamin C, and added UV protection for even-toned skin all over.

    Dewy Sakura and Radiant Rose are enriched with jojoba and argan oils, combined with the delicate scents of Sakura and Rose. Both also have licorice extract to help keep the skin glowing, moisturized and smelling fresh for long!

    Lastly, don’t forget to keep your underarms protected and well-taken care of by choosing the right deo. Try new NIVEA Whitening Hokkaido Rose Deo Essence 0% Alcohol. Not only does it give you 48H protection from sweat and odor, it also cares with 36X more anti-oxidants and natural ingredients like Licorice and Vitamin E to provide natural and effective whitening for your underarms. The long-lasting scent of Hokkaido Rose and Sakura will also keep you smelling fresh throughout the day.


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