Absolut teams up with local Filipino artists to help uplift spirits


    It’s hard to look at the world today and deny that we are divided and conflicted. So many things are driving hate and negativity, tearing us apart when we all need help, solidarity, and positivity in these trying times.

    Absolut encourages people to draw from within ourselves to start the positive change that we want to see in the world. In the Philippines, the brand fuels positivity by partnering with amazing Filipino artists Eunpyon, Hulyen, Kris Abrigo, and Tokwa Penaflorida to create art that inspires everyone.

    Digital artist Eunpyon channeled her desire to express herself and her advocacy for gender equality in a bright and dazzling piece, titled “The Spirit of a Filipino.” “Current events and the way the youth has dealt with them has definitely been a huge inspiration for me,” she said. “The way they don’t back down despite the challenges they face was something that helped me maneuver the pen.”

    Comic artist Hulyen wanted to exhibit human connection in her simple yet resonant piece for Absolut. “I admire Absolut’s initiative for a more positive world,” said Hulyen. “It has become more challenging to live right now so I think anything that promotes creativity, diversity, and making the world a better place for everyone is something we can welcome.”

    Visual artist and muralist Kris Abrigo drew up “New Perspectives”. “In this artwork, I combined some of the painting I did during the quarantine,” said Abrigo. “I feel the closer we look, read, or listen, the better our chances for a more positive world.”Illustrator and painter Tokwa Penaflorida came up with “Busilak (Purity),” an ethereal and fairytale-like work that evokes inclusivity and the spirit and support of communities. “The pandemic made me realize a lot of things, most importantly the idea of ‘community,’” said Penaflorida.

    “We truly recognize the need for hope and positivity at this time, and we’re lucky to be working with four of the most talented Filipino artists for this project,” said Frances Favila, Absolut Vodka Brand Manager.

    All four artworks will be turned into covers of limited-edition journals available through Boozy.ph. You can get them when you purchase special Absolut bundles for each journal.