ABC Lions of Fashion: Purveyor of the arts & empowering artisans


    The biggest inspiration for ABC Lions of Fashion is to bring prestige and sophistication to the industry. We want to be a brand that stands for empowering our local artisans, says Golda Gomez, ABC Extra Stout’s Filipino brand manager. To make this dream come true, they have partnered with some of the giants in the fashion and garment industry. Among these organizations are the Garment Manufacturers Association of Cambodia (GMAC), Cambodia Garment Training Institute, Sovrin Magazine and Arise Agency.

    The glamorous gala night held took place on the 5th of December at the Koh Pitch City Hall. Distinguished audiences and thought leaders in fashion witnessed the innovative designs as created and modeled by the contestants. The runway was graced by several established international and local designers, namely: Filipino designers Reynier Abello, and Don Protasio, with international designers Marya Na and Natacha Van. The first-ever Jimmy Choo protégée, Illiza Ho, was also present. Indeed, ABC Lions of Fashion lived up to its dream of bringing together the biggest names in fashion.

    The first ever season of ABC Lions of Fashion has just commenced and it can only go uphill from here. ABC Lions of Fashion is the brainchild of ABC Extra Stout, the #1 Stout in Cambodia, owned by the Heineken Company.