A whisky fit for first-timers


    Diving into the world of whiskies can be a daunting experience. The choices can be dizzying, with a wide range of flavors and bottle prices ranging the gamut from inexpensive to eye-watering. It comes as no surprise that most first-timers can find this particular category of spirits as intimidating.

    However, there are also bevy of whisky brands that cater well to an inexperienced whisky drinker. Ballantine’s Finest is one such whisky whose appeal lies in its beginner-friendly flavor profile and cheap price, especially given the quality of the drink.

    “Ballantine’s Finest is one of the more underrated gems out there when it comes to blended Scotch whisky, just because of its relatively balanced flavor profile and rounded finish,” said Kurt Ducusin, Ballantine’s Finest Philippines Brand Executive. “For Filipinos looking to get into whisky but don’t know where to start, Ballantine’s Finest is a solid choice waiting for them.”

    First developed in 1910, Ballantine’s Finest gained popularity for its approachable taste.

    The sweet backbone of the whisky is accentuated with notes of vanilla and smoke and rounded out with hints of apple, creating a blend that is neither overpowering or overly complex. Because of this, it has become a favorite of several personalities.

    In keeping with its motto of being true to itself, the distillery is also breaking notions on how it should be consumed, instead recommending its drinkers to enjoy the whisky however they choose to, whether it is served neat, with ice, a splash of water, or mixed with soda. In fact, one of the classic ways to enjoy Ballantines is to serve it with cola and garnished with a wedge of lime. The sweetness of the cola highlights the flavor of the whisky, resulting in a drink that is refreshing and enjoyable.

    Enjoy a bottle of Ballantine’s Finest in S&R Membership Shopping stores for a suggested retail price of PHP 599. For online orders, check out Boozy.ph, which retails Ballantine’s Finest at PHP 699. It is also available in leading supermarkets like Puregold, Robinsons, Rustans, Metro Gaisano, Landmark, and Landers.