A Summer Soiree with TWG Tea Iced Teabags


    With the sun blazing, TWG Tea inspires tea lovers to a chic summertime soirée decked out in the most refreshing iced teas and tea accessories for the tea table. With inspirations and concoctions stemming from our exquisite tea blends, there is no better way to enjoy a hot summer day and refresh your palate.

    Enjoy the refreshing, chilled Cocktail Hour Tea, a dazzling composition of black tea and green tea composed of crimson blossoms, which illuminate notes of sweet sugar cane and rum.

    Captivate the senses of tea drinkers with the Caravan Tea. A melting mélange of flavors, this China gunpowder green tea is blended with sweet mints and notes of citrus fruits. Sit down and relax with a cold glass of Darjeeling Tea. The champagne of teas, this first flush black tea is a marvelous fine harvest that sparkles in the mouth with notes of green mango and exudes a delicious aroma reminiscent of lily of the valley.

    Luxuriously handcrafted with natural materials, every TWG Tea Iced Teabag contains the same handpicked, whole leaf teas retailed at TWG Tea Boutiques. The teabags are entirely hand sewn, free from metal staples and glue which are detrimental to the quality and flavor of the tea.

    An Iced Tea Carafe series is also the perfect accompaniment. Made of a very light Plexiglas, it is the perfect accessory to serve a refreshing glass of iced tea to delight and tantalize the senses of tea-drinkers everywhere. Add a pop of color to your table setting with the Vogue Teacup & Saucer or Firefly Tea Bowl & Saucer. The Vogue teacups are made of one of the finest porcelains in the world by the most renowned artisan in Russia. The Firefly tea bowls and saucers are crafted from hand-blown glass with natural pigments to create each of the unique colors. Every Firefly tea bowl and saucer is a work of art, reminiscent of summer evenings and blossoming water lilies, an Impressionist dream.

    Experience the best of summer with TWG Tea’s Iced Teabag Collection. The Caravan Tea, Cocktail Hour Tea, and Darjeeling Tea from the Iced Teabag Collection retails at P1,695. The Iced Tea Carafe, Vogue Teacup & Saucer, and Firefly Tea Bowl & Saucer retails at P7,995, P4,295, and P2,495 respectively. Available at TWG Tea Boutiques in the Philippines. A limited selection of our finest teas and accessories is also available on our official online store at LazMall.