A seal of confidence for every hotel guest


    Cleanliness and safety are primary considerations of every local guest in the new normal. RedDoorz Philippines is introducing the HygienePass to ensure that all properties are rigorously cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis for a safe and comfortable stay.

    The cleanliness and sanitation certification program bolsters confidence, and ensures that guests can easily recognize and get access to hotel establishments that are certified in accordance with heightened safety, hygiene and cleanliness practices. Miguel Capistrano III, country manager of RedDoorz, believes this is the new normal and the new approach to hotel staycations and accommodations.

    As one of the budget hotel brands that has the most locations around the country, RedDoorz’s top priority is to provide a safe haven for travelers, Capistrano said.

    The hotel promises to keep premises and rooms clean, ensure hotel staff are healthy and provide travelers worry- and risk-free stays, as well as guarantee standardized service across all hotels and make certified safe hotels in different platforms easy to find.

    Dr. Renzo Guinto has supported the hotel not only through the certification process but also in pushing HygienePass as a travel must-have in the country.

    Guinto, a public health resource, interprets the standards and guidelines from the World Health Organization or Department of Health, as well as gives credibility and a voice to the certification program and trains assessors, among other tasks.

    He said at the virtual conference the powerful purpose of the pass is to give guests a positive signal, thereby assuring them they are entering a safe place amid the pandemic.

    The hotel also realizes it is now in the business of health, not just hospitality, as travelers are more health-conscious now than ever, Guinto pointed out.

    A hotel guest himself, he was able to see first-hand how the standards have been implemented. Guinto added the hotel’s certainty and commitment will get the project done.
    RedDoorz now cautiously operates in over 20 cities and has more than 100 HygienePass-certified hotels across the country.