A gift of inspiration for grandparents


    GIVE your grandparents – as well as older family members and friends – a gift of hope and inspiration on Grandparents Day with Finding the Sun, a book lovingly put together by members of Sunshine Place, which will enlighten readers (not only grandparents but also all ages) that the sunset of our lives can be as beautiful as the sunrise.

    Finding the Sun is a collection of incredible life stories – of childhood years during the Japanese occupation; of climbing the career ladder in many fields – the academe, music, entrepreneurship and more; of finding, sustaining and losing love; of raising a family and letting go of grown-up children; of surviving health struggles and depression; of strengthening the faith. Featured in the book are encouraging narratives sincerely shared by senior members as they also recall how Sunshine Place has brought renewed excitement into their lives.

    Edgar Young’s daughter shares stories of his childhood years during Japanese Occupation – when he stopped school, worked hard at very young age and became the breadwinner of the family. After moving his way up to a very successful career, he now enjoys life to the fullest at Sunshine Place with friends and family. Another inspiring story is written by Nancy L. Ty, who talks about her life’s difficulties and how the Senior Center made aging a pleasant journey for her and all other members, through the camaraderie they now enjoy.

    Aside from giving this Finding the Sun book to your Grandma and Grandpa, you may also want to bring them at Sunshine Place and let them experience such activities like painting, dancing, yoga and meditation or a full body massage to make them feel loved and valued.

    Sunshine Place, a senior recreation center under the Felicidad Tan Sy Foundation, is a venue for adults to live actively, through engaging in recreational classes and age-appropriate physical training programs. It is the venue to be entertained, to socialize and to reflect; a place of happiness and wellness for one’s mind, body and soul.