A fragrant, calming balm in the face of today’s challenges


    SUN LIFE Philippines is mounting a private view of ‘Limited Edition Giclée on Canvas Collection by Betsy Westendorp’ for select clients to raise funds for those who were heavily affected by the recent calamities.

    For every purchase made by clients, Sun Life will donate P5,000 to ABS-CBN Foundation’s Sagip Kapamilya. They are likewise welcome to donate directly to the organization.

    Betsy’s artworks, which are offered at discounted prices and with all administrative fees waived, have been signed and thumbmarked, dated at the back, as well as accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.

    Benedicto Sison, Sun Life chief executive officer and country head, said the calamities, flooding, and devastation in various parts of the country have brought about overwhelming hardships to many Filipinos.

    “We aim to provide our countrymen with the care and comfort they need at this time,” Sison said of the exhibit in cooperation with Salcedo Private View, a subsidiary of Salcedo Auctions.

    Sison said the beauty of Betsy’s collection lies not only in the colors and strokes with which she beautifully represents nature, but also in the deeper message it conveys – hope.
    Nature, he added, demonstrates this message through its repeated refrains: the sun shining after the night of darkness and flowers blooming even after a harsh winter.

    This encourages people to have faith and trust in its course, reminding them that although they are currently living in difficult times, life will always have something better in store for them in the future, he said.

    What better way to eternalize nature’s reminder of hope than with an exquisite art piece created by a highly esteemed artist like Betsy, he stressed.

    “Together, we will be able to help our fellow Filipinos get back on their feet,” said Sison, who hopes that someone can find the piece of art that resonates with him/her, inspiring one to believe that brighter days are on the horizon.

    Ramon E.S. Lerma, Salcedo Auctions chairman and chief specialist, said that Salcedo Auctions is commemorating its 10th anniversary this year and that it is privileged to partner with Sun Life to bring out this astounding collection for the very first time as Betsy has agreed to show her works in this particular medium.

    Lerma also said Betsy’s works display intimacy, privacy, authenticity and sincerity which are the qualities they seek in each artist they show.

    “We consider her (Betsy) works as a fragrant and calming balm in the face of all the challenges that we face today,” he said.

    He believes it is poetic and in keeping with the beauty of Betsy’s work that these floral offerings, gorgeous landscapes are enlivening people’s spirits and opening their hearts to be able to generate change, share and still revive the joy that the Yuletide season brings throughout these times of trial.

    Victor Silvino, Salcedo Auctions managing director, expressed his appreciation to Sun Life for this alliance, saying that Sun Life clients who are art enthusiasts will have the opportunity to delve deeper into the messages that Betsy conveys through her masterpieces.

    Gilbert Simpao, Sun Life chief marketing and client experience officer, said Sun Life believes that art has the power to bring people together.

    “We chose Betsy for this special occasion because of the inspiration that her works give to us,” Simpao said, noting that the beauty of nature as depicted in the artworks may bring hope to many during these times.

    Nature, he pointed out, has a refreshing effect on people and with these masterpieces, “we are able to promote positivism and optimism at this most difficult time.”

    Sun Life has other activities to help the country with relief efforts apart from this art exhibit that remains exclusive to clients until November 27 before it will be opened to the public.