A center of hope and excellence in cancer care


    With the rising cases of cancer in the country, there is a great demand for modern, effective treatment. More often than not, Filipinos fly to other countries to look for cure. Now, patients have the option to receive quality cancer care more conveniently as Central Luzon Integrated Oncology Center (CLIOC), previously known as The Cancer Center of Mother Teresa of Calcutta Medical Center, opened its doors almost four years ago.

    Located in San Fernando, Pampanga, CLIOC is the only cancer center offering Tomotherapy in Central Luzon – one of the most integrated, advanced systems for comprehensive cancer treatment, and a chemotherapy ambulatory set up that provides a pleasant ambience for those undergoing the treatment.

    “CLIOC provides one-stop cancer care that is integrated and patient-oriented and we are committed to deliver the excellent care to the ever-evolving oncology field through the empowerment of our doctors and patients,” said Mr. Jerome Paule, CLIOC’s General Manager.

    Mr. Paule added that CLIOC created a home for different specialties in oncology along with their allied medical health team of radiotherapist, oncology nurses, and pharmacist to address and provide modern, up-to-date oncology management and healthcare services in Central Luzon.

    CLIOC became part of IOC’s region-wide network in 2017 and under the stewardship of IOC, steadily rose to become one of the premier cancer centers in Asia alongside Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia. With over 300 top oncology specialists and healthcare professionals, IOC provides its network the capability to deliver top-quality service as it aims to empower patients and doctors to co-create their treatment journey.

    “Being part of the Integrated Oncology Centers (IOC) network gives CLIOC the opportunity to have access to the latest update on cancer care. It also gives CLIOC’s healthcare professionals, the doctors and staff, the opportunity to discuss, learn, and share best practices with the other centers within IOC,” said Mr. Paule.

    Mr. Paule said that all patients at CLIOC are not considered as patients but as family. “We go beyond just making our patients feel that they are taken care of. We do take care of them throughout the course of their treatment. That is our unwavering commitment. We always assure them that we are with them, every step of their journey,” Mr. Paule stated.

    CLIOC also established a social service platform to address and support the needs of patients who are having financial challenges for treatment. It is also collaborating with support groups to help the patients cope with cancer and make sure they will get the treatment they need.

    Cancer, for the past couple of decades, is seen as a death sentence. These days, however, things are turning around. And CLIOC is at the forefront of initiating improvements in cancer management, continuously and consistently upholding its commitment to provide equal care to those who suffer from cancer.