A better way to enjoy tobacco


    The dangers of cigarette smoking has been documented for several decades now. And despite the global push to minimize smoking, many smokers are having difficulty quitting. However, alternatives have been developed for adult smokers, one of which are heat-not-burn devices (HNB).

    Tobacco in itself isn’t harmful, but the action of burning the tobacco is. Once burnt, harmful chemicals are released. The smoke that comes from burning tobacco contains hazardous substances like tar and carbon monoxide. In contrast, HNB devices use a lower temperature to heat up specially-designed tobacco sticks in order to produce nicotine-filled vapor instead of the harmful smoke of cigarettes. Without ash, there’s no mess to clean up, and without smoke, there’s no second hand smoke exposure or residual smell to those around the user.

    MOK is the first locally-launched HNB device, first available in November 2019. By offering HNB products, MOK gives adult smokers a better alternative. There are 2 products in that MOK currently offers. The First is MOK, a split device with pocket charger and holder for that satisfying tobacco experience. It gives up to 20 heating cycles on a full charge and has two heating modes that allow users to customize their experience. Single mode offers a longer experience time of 5-minutes for one heating cycle. Double mode offers shorter experience time of 3-minutes and 30-seconds, but in two consecutive heating cycles.

    The second is the MOK mini, an all-in-one device that delivers great flavor and performance. MOK mini is very handy and compact that it fits into pockets and small bags.

    It also allows up to 12 continuous heating cycles with just one full charge, with an experience time of 4-minutes and 10-seconds each. Both devices offer a fast preheating time at just 15 seconds.

    MOK is exclusively enjoyed with COO. These are specially designed Heat-Not-Burn Sticks that offer a smooth, full-flavored tobacco experience. COO Heat-Not-Burn sticks use real tobacco leaves and come in three variants

    MOK makes it easier for adult smokers to make the transition by being easily available in various official selling channels. MOK is available at MOK specialty kiosks in SM North EDSA and newly-opened kiosks at MetL!ve, SM Manila, and SM Sta. Mesa. Or from the MOK official online stores LazMall and Shopee Mall, from almost 60 major vape shops within Metro Manila such as DJ Shop, PodSource, HeatNPuff, GreenPuff, and nearly 500 branches of 711, Family Mart, and Lawson also within Metro Manila.