A beautiful place for eternal repose

    The 10-hectare Golden Haven at Cagayan de Oro boasts a stunning recreation of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    Golden Haven Memorial Parks are serene resting places for our dearly beloved that have gone ahead. Nothing honors their memories more than laying them to rest at Golden Haven, the real estate developer of what are touted to be the country’s largest and most beautiful memorial parks.

    A picturesque setting, a combine elegant architecture with verdant greenery to create a tranquil haven for families who come to visit, celebrates the lives of people they have loved and lost while creating new, lasting memories with the family.

    Take for example the Golden Haven in Amadeo, Cavite, the first-ever eco-memorial park currently in development in the Philippines. It will also offer outdoor attractions for visiting families to bond over with. Such outdoor activities include a butterfly pavilion, various nature trails, and even a miniature zoo. Its countryside vibes make it refreshingly conducive to reliving happy memories while appreciating the beauty of nature.

    On the other hand, the 10-hectare Golden Haven at Cagayan de Oro, a fully operational Golden Haven park, boasts a recreation of the famed Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. To boost its international flair, the park is built around the theme, Gardens of the World. It features themed enclaves such as the Japanese Zen garden, the Gardens of America, the Tuscan Hills, and more.

    Golden Haven Park in Cebu is located just a few minutes ride from the city. This mountaintop sanctuary can leave one in awe, with its enchanting natural surroundings blending seamlessly with its various Italian-inspired amenities like the Pope John Paul II Memorial Hill, the Garden Plaza, and the Imperial Gardens, among others.

    These are just three of more than thirty premier offerings of Golden Haven all over the country, making it the largest and the most beautiful chain of memorial parks not only in the country, but quite possibly, within the Southeast Asian region as well.

    “It is our hope that the vastness and tranquil beauty of Golden Haven’s memorial parks continue to motivate the living in making their visits a regular habit instead of a yearly event,” said Red Rosales, president of Golden Haven. “Weekend visits can afford families the chance to bond safely with each other while savoring memories of the dearly departed.”