7-Eleven ensures everyone’s safety


    THE Philippine Seven Corporation (PSC), exclusive local licensor of 7-Eleven convenience store chain, took advantage of the government mandated rules on hazard pay and kept its store employees updated with the benefits they can get.

    At the same time, some of the company’s franchisees also took initiatives to ensure employees’ safety and ease the burden they encounter everyday because of the ongoing health crisis.

    Richard Murillo rented an apartment for his staff which is near the convenience store, while Mariano Magbanua Jr. gave his employees allowances and transferred them to other stores allowed to operate. Wenchelle Gamolo wanted her staff to stay employed so she transferred some of them to her store in Kauswagan Bonbon.

    The company has identified which stores will and shall be opened based on location and other qualifications it has set. It also and helped its franchisees perform the necessary precautions by supplying them with safety-need items and constantly communicating with them to follow local government protocols.

    With the community quarantine still in place over many areas in the country, the company continues to focus in fulfilling its objective of serving its customers while protecting and taking care of its employees.

    The company is set to adapt again to the needs of the community as the national government gradually eases community quarantine restrictions in many areas of the country.

    Likewise, the company takes part in the government’s protocol to win the battle against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and contributes to the safety of customers while serving their needs.