5 things to remember as we begin again


    As we welcome the new year—2021, it might do well for us to look back, to take stock of the positive lessons that we can extract from what was an unprecedented year. For sure, numerous take-awayscan be gained as we move forward and anticipate a more “mobile” next normal—especially since vaccine trials by leading pharmaceutical companies have been yielding encouraging results.

    With that, here are 5 lessons we should remember as we begin again:

    Always wash your hands

    Perhaps the most frequent reminder worth noting is how the power of proper handwashing has been in full display. It has been proven effective in killing 99.9% of germs and should always be considered a first line of defense against sicknesses and diseases.
    Do not take sicknesses lightly

    The previous year that was also demonstrated how a virus can easily and quickly transmit from one person to another. With this, one should learn to treat regular coughs, colds, and flu like a very harmful and contagious virus. That means that even if the pandemic eventually ends, it would be wise to isolate one’s self when they feel flu-like symptoms or anything of the sort.

    Take care of yourself

    But more than the physical and physiological, we also learnedto focus on ourselves and safeguard our mental health, a practice which we should continue doing even as we start physically interacting with others—carefully—and as we slowly get back into our fast-paced lives.

    Cherish each moment

    At some point during the lockdown, there must have been a point where we all realized that we had taken some activities, events, and physical hangouts for granted. So, in heading out again with care,cherish and make the most out of every outdoor moment and create memories that can last lifetimes.

    Always be prepared

    But in our excitement to resume our normal lifestyle, hang out, and even hook up, it’s important to remember that health safety should always be a priority for us to continue to enjoy the best things life can offer, for a long time.

    So always be prepared and bring quality PPEs like alcohol, hand sanitizers, wipes, and even condoms—such as Durex—especially for those who have been craving for intimacy.