YouTuber Lloyd Cadena tested positive of COVID-19


    Filipino YouTuber Llyod Café Cadena tested positive for COVID-19 before succumbing to a heart attack on September 4.

    This was revealed on Sunday by his family in a post on his Facebook page:
    “Lloyd was confined in the hospital on September 1 due to high fever and dry cough. He was tested for COVID-19 on the same day which the result came out positive on September 3. As soon as the result of his swab test came out, our family, including BNT immediately isolated themselves. His vitals were okay and had no complaints. On September 4, 5am he was seen by the staff unresponsive and pale looking. As informed by the doctor, he suffered a heart attack while asleep. He was cremated yesterday and his remains is in our house in Cavite in the meantime.”

    The 26-year-old Youtube sensation was known for his self-deprecating comedy and his generosity, including giving away tablets to elementary school students and distributing relief goods to the less privileged. In July, he fulfilled the wish of his mom by buying a house for her, explaining that their former home is about to be demolished.

    Cadena’s remains were cremated and his family has requested for “expressions of sympathy, including flowers and cards” be sent to the Immaculate Conception Chapel – Kaingin.