Yam Concepcion thrilled to work with Yam Laranas


    Yam Laranas directs Yam Concepcion for the first time in Viva’s horror film, “Nightshift.”

    “Nightshift,” also written by Yam, revolves around Jessie, a medical technologist who has eerie experiences while working on a straight shift one stormy evening. She doesn’t believe in the afterlife, but she is suddenly creeped out by the strange sounds that seem to be coming from the cadavers. She cannot shake off the feeling that they seem to be coming back to life. As her fear intensifies, Jessie begins to ponder on the idea of the Final Judgment. And if indeed the day has come that people rise from the dead, she is tormented about meeting her own end.

    At the movie’s press con, Laranas revealed there was only one person in his mind as the movie’s lead.

    “Ako when I think of a story I already think of who the actor will be, and nobody else was in my mind but Yam,” said the director, “I wrote the story based on a lot of research about death and dying, about medical studies. Then I said who has the characterization, that kind of personality that can carry a horror film by herself? And that intelligence. And Yam is the best.”

    Although they had not worked before, Yam said he saw in the actress acting and immediately, he knew she had the intelligence needed to play the role.

    “Ganun ako, when I see someone acting, kahit 2 seconds, snippet lang, alam ko na na, uy magaling itong umarte,” he added. “Because the role calls for someone who has to have that degree na kayang madala ang role. I like working with actors who go deeper than just memorizing lines….”

    It was a thrill and an honor for Yam to be chosen for the role. On the get go, she was intrigued when she was given the plot.

    “I was still taping Halik when I received the message asking if I would do a movie with him. ‘It’s a contained cerebral horror happening in one night, in a morgue’ – I remembered your message. Ang sabi ko, pwede,” the actress revealed.

    Yam said she is a fan of Laranas, and got a lot of positive reaction from her friends when they learned she was going to work with him.

    “I have always been a fan of Direk Yam Laranas’ work. Of course, he is known for his beautiful cinematography and storytelling. May mga friends nga ako when they learned I was doing a movie with Direk Yam, ‘O my God, the director of “Sigaw!”’ They were all so excited,” she recalled.

    This is Yam’s first lead role in a horror movie. She was very convincing as a villain in the drama series “Halik” on ABS-CBN, it’s about time she shows us her acting prowess in the horror genre, especially with the big twist that the movie has in store.

    “Night Shift” opens in cinemas tomorrow, January 22.