Winwyn immerses herself in multiple personalities role


    ‘I’m preparing for the role by consulting psychologists on how someone who is mentally ill behaves. – Winwyn Marquez’

    Winwyn Marquez

    WINWYN Marquez gets to play her most challenging movie role ever in “Nelia,” a film produced by a new company called A & Q Productions and directed by Lester Dimaranan in his full-length film mainstream debut.

    “‘Nelia’ is about mental illness, depression and anxiety,” says Dimaranan who has directed mainly short films before. “The writer and producer, Atty. Melanie Quino, is a friend and this is a big break for me.”

    When she learned that the story is about a woman with multiple personalities, Winwyn had to ask the director: “Are you sure I’m the actress you want to get for this role? Kasi very challenging siya. But after I read the full script, I said yes as it would be foolish for any actress to let go of this role ako pa ang title roler.”

    So how did she prepare for her demanding role as the deranged heroine, Nelia?

    “I have to immerse myself as Nelia, kasi before, lagi akong contravida and I’m currently in ‘Owe My Love,’ a romcom where I do comedy naman. As Nelia, I have to show a rollercoaster of varied emotions. I’m preparing for the role by consulting psychologists on how someone who is mentally ill behaves. I have to let go of my past characters to be able to get into the character of Nelia.”

    The movie is presented like a suspense-thriller. A crime is committed and you don’t know who among the characters are good or bad. “Maraming twists and turns ang story so it’s not predictable,” adds Winwyn. “Nelia is very unpredictable. You don’t know kung protagonist ba siya or antagonist. It’s difficult to understand her and the other characters.

    Very challenging ang material and I really hope I can give justice to my character.”

    Mark Anthony Fernandez plays an unusual role in the Viva horror flick “Biyernes Santo” that opens on Viva Max on March 26.

    “I play an angel, si St. Michael the Archangel,” he says. “I fight bad spirits to protect the daughter of Gardo Versoza from evil elements who support the anti-Christ.”

    We are happy to see him in the movie’s Zoom press con looking so good and fit. When we last saw him playing a supporting role in “Miracle at Cell No. 7,” he was a bit overweight.

    “Yes, I gained weight while I was in prison sa Angeles City Jail,” he says. “It’s been 800 days na since makalaya ako. Umabot sa point na kailangan kong ipagdasal ang weight ko. I prayed for God to help me lose it and now I thank God for answered prayers. I have lost 40 lbs. since then kasi I work out everyday.”

    His eldest son, Grae Fernandez, is now with ABS-CBN and part of the show “Ang Sa Iyo ay Sa Akin.” How does he feel about having a grown-up son in showbiz?

    “As a father, I’m happy and proud sa mga nangyayari sa career niya ngayon. Gusto niya talaga maging artista, so sabi ko sige lang, trabaho lang ng trabaho, hanggang sa maka-jackpot siya with a good project na magmamarka talaga sa tao.”

    He’s hoping a producer would film the life of former Sen. Gringo Honasan, with Grae playing the young Gringo and him playing Gringo today. We’re happy that he is now really a changed man, more prayerful and is very serious in his attitude about his craft and profession. We hope that he will take advantage of this new chance Viva is giving him and he won’t go back sliding anymore. Sa totoo lang, Mark looks much better than his own son and has more oozing star quality and screen presence even in his 40s.

    Shaira Diaz is lucky that after she moved from TV5, she’s now getting better assignments in GMA-7. She’s currently paired with Ruru Madrid in “On My Way to You,” the first episode in the current second season of the hit drama anthology show, “I Can See You,” and after this, they’re together again in the regular teleserye, and action-adventure series entitled “Lolong.”

    How does it feel that she’s paired with Ruru when everyone knows her one true love is Edgar Allan Guzman and they’ve been together for some years now?

    “Sa tingin ko naman po, audiences today are now more mature so ang mga artista, kahit iba ang partners nila at di nila karelasyon, the viewers have no problem with that,” she says.

    In “I Can See You,” she plays a runaway bride. The story starts with her about to wed Gil Cuerva, then before she reaches the altar, she changes her mind, makes an about face and runs away out of the church.

    “Very intriguing ang start ng story,” she says. “The viewers would want to know what her reason is for running away. They’ll be curious to see her journey until how she learns to face her issues. Magulo isip niya, wild ang imagination niya, marami siyang opinyon, hanggang sa maging serious na siya.”

    Has she ever felt running away from boyfriend Edgar Allan?

    “Naku, sa tagal namin ni EA, ngayon pa ba ako magdadalawang isip about him? Ang dami na naming pinagsamahan, pinagdaanan. But there’s no rush to settle down. He knows marami pa kong goals sa buhay. I want to finish my college studies sana, gusto ko muna mag-ipon for my family.”


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