Winnie Monsod tackles food security


    Economist and host Winnie Monsod discusses with Department of Agriculture Secretary William Dar how the agency is leading the Task Group on Food Security, as well as how they are addressing what Prof. Monsod calls “the next big crisis” brought by the COVID-19 pandemic: hunger in this Monday’s episode of “Newsmakers.”

    Meanwhile, in the “Tita Reacts” segment, Tita Winnie judges impressive make-up transformation videos. From drag to cosplay to special effects make-up—find out who will be hailed as “Kampeon sa Ka-ART-ehan.”

    Tita Winnie’s journey as a #plantita continues with the guidance of online gardening guru Bea Hardinera. Will Tita Winnie’s container garden finally flourish and prove her black thumb wrong?

    “Newsmakers” airs every Monday at 8:30 p.m. on GMA News TV.