Why it’s unwise to air dirty linen in public


    In this age of social media, celebrities need to be more discreet.

    KYLIE Padilla’s recent social media postings indicated a rift between her and hubby Aljur Abrenica. First, she wrote: “I’m submissive, not stupid.” This implies that she’d submit to Aljur as his wife but she’s not that stupid to just obey him blindly.


    Then she followed it up with: “More self love, baby girl.” And the last one: “Free!” Then she posted a photo of her hand with no wedding ring. And she said: “I’ll be okay. I always am.”

    She also erased photos of Aljur in her social media account, but retained pictures of their two sons, aged 3 and 1 year old. But Aljur, in his own social media account, has not erased photos of Kylie and showed his own photo while praying the rosary, so it means he’s hoping they’ll still reconcile.

    A few days later, though, Kylie posted pictures of Aljur and her sons. This prompted some irate netizens to bash her, saying she’s just “kulang sa pansin” and she’s using social media to gain publicity for her and her hubby since they both have lagging careers at the moment. Moral of the story: don’t display your family’s dirty linen in public if you’d just kiss and make up right away.


    Another piece of gossip is the feud between Janno Gibbs and comedienne Kitkat. They were both hosts of the noontime show on Net25, “Happy Time.” It’s said Janno got annoyed when, while playing a game on cam, Kitkat seemed to be siding more with their guest Marco Sison than with him.

    This prompted him to reprimand Kitkat in front of everyone before walking out. Kitkat reportedly felt so humiliated she even thought of filing formal charges against Janno.

    Netizens quickly sided with Kitkat and Janno got a lot of bashing, with someone calling him “never punctual, disrespectful & a plain misogynist.”

    Iglesia ni Kristo who is behind Net25 made a move for Janno and Kitkat to patch things up.

    They were made to meet face to face but Kitkat issued yet another statement saying she’s forgiving Janno: “Ako po ay nakapagpatawad na. Sino ba naman ako para hindi magpatawad? Kung ang Diyos nga, pinatawad ako sa mga kasalanan ko. Nararapat lamang na ako ay magpatawad.”

    This prompted Janno to flare up again and also issued his own statement. The ending: both of them were fired from the show. Moral of the story: Be more forgiving and conciliatory if you don’t want to lose your jobs.


    Joaquin “JD” Domagoso is the eldest son Mayor Isko Moreno. He’s now seen singing and dancing in “All Out Sundays,” but starting March 15, you’d see him act opposite Cassy Legaspi in “First Yaya,” which will replace “Anak ni Waray vs. Anak ni Biday” on GMA. What advice has his father given him?

    “Papa told me to always just listen,” he said. “When acting, listen sa kaeksena mo to get a good reaction in a scene. I can use it talaga sa lahat ng bagay kasi you will learn a lot when you listen well. Listen to what your directors and co-actors are sharing kasi may matututuhan ka diyan.”

    What’s his first impression of Cassy? “First impression kay Cassy is she can easily talk to people. She brightens up the room. We first met sa ‘Studio 7.’ I was nervous kasi bago lang ako, but when we talked chill lang ako as she’s so welcoming. During the lock in taping, we became friends so we’re closer now.”

    What’s his role in the “First Yaya”? “I play Jonas and Cassy is Nina. I come from a poor family at siya, mayaman, anak ni Sir Gabby Concepcion na magiging president ng ating bansa. We’re off to a rocky start, we’re fighting and become enemies, but we eventually get to understand each other.”

    And how is it working with the “First Yaya” herself, Sanya Lopez?

    “Know what, I’ve been a fan of hers since two years ago pa. Now that we’re working together, i’m so happy. She’s fun to work with, great, ang galing umacting, bagay sa role niya as ‘First Yaya.’”


    Darryl Yap, 33, is one of our youngest writer-directors. He started as a full-length filmmaker with “Jowable,” a big hit, so it’s not surprising Viva Films gave him more assignments. His second film was the comedy “Gusto Kong Maging Porn Star” and he now comes up with “Tililing,” which opens in theaters and Vivamax on March 5. It became controversial when some folks said its poster made fun of people with mental illness. How did he conceive of the film?

    “This is actually my second film at third ‘yung ‘Porn Star’ kaya lang, naunang i-release ‘yun,” he says. “In 2009, I had an aunt who was put in a mental institution in Olongapo.

    She’s the sister of my dad and when we visited her, I was so traumatized by what I saw, so I wrote the script based on true events.”

    He wants to correct the impression that “Tililing” is just making fun of people who have problems with their mental health. “Those who say na puro katatawanan itong movie namin at hindi namin sineseryoso ang mental illness, all I can say is panoorin muna nila bago nila i-judge kung tama ang mga akala nila about this genre-bending movie. Kasi with my aunt, I learned a lot about mental illness. It’s difficult to have a member of the family afflicted with that. But I view the criticisms against the movie as a blessing as it helps create more awareness na may movie palang ganito. Publicity pa rin ‘yun.”

    “Tililing” has six major characters: three inmates and three nurse interns in charge of attending to them. The inmates are played by Gina Pareño as Lola Socorro, Baron Geisler as Peter, and Chad Kinis as Bernie.

    Their corresponding nurses are Candy Pangilinan as Maricel who has no sympathy at all for the inmates, Yumi Laxamana (who is also a songwriter who wrote the film’s theme song) as Jessa, and Donnalyn Bartolome as Espie.

    “The title came from me,” says Direk Darrly. “Maraming ibig sabihin ang ‘Tililing.’ It can me the ringing of a bell or tunog ng kampana, puede ring something that serves as a trigger like it rings a bell, and lastly, as a word used by people sa panlalait ng mga taong may karamdaman sa pag-iisip.”