Why Cristine had to change


    ‘Also, when I had my daughter, Amara, then I became a big single mom, I had to work harder and I know I had to change – Cristine Reyes’

    CRISTINE Reyes is back on TV with Viva’s production of “Encounter” with TV5 and Cignal Entertainment. A remake of a hit 2018 Korean series shown on ABS-CBN in 2019, she is paired for the first time with Diego Loyzaga. What’s her first impression of Diego?

    Cristine Reyes and daughter Amara

    “We first met sa engagement party ng sister ko (Ara Mina),” she said. “He was introduced to me by his mom, Teresa Loyzaga. I found him very charming. Tapos, heto, magkatrabaho na kami sa ‘Encounter’.”

    So how is it working with him? “He’s my first screen partner that I’m very nice. Kasi sa iba, I’m very maldita.”

    Their director, Jeffrey Jeturian, confirmed this.

    “Totoo, ibang-ibang na siya rito,” said Direk Jeffrey. “I worked before with her nung maldita pa siya, kaya when I was told siyang artista ko rito, sabi ko, naku, mamomroblema yata ako.

    But I was surprised kasi she’s more mature now, more professional and more considerate of her co-workers.”

    So how did she change?

    “Siguro you just grow as a person, you have to learn how to be better and don’t just get stuck there. When it’s not good, why will you stay there? So it’s progress for me that I’m working on. Also, when I had my daughter, Amara, then I became a big single mom, I had to work harder and I know I had to change.”

    What’s her role? “I play Selene Cristobal, isang dating artista who married a business tycoon na galing sa isang family of hoteliers. She gave up her career but naging very controlling ‘yung family nila and Celine lost her identity, so she separated from her husband and became successful in putting up her own hotel. She then meets Diego and more complications occur.”

    She’s been separated from real life husband Ali Katibhi for some years now. Does she have a new love life? “In love lang ako sa work ko. I loved doing ‘Encounter’ at nakakawala ng pagod after napapanood ko ang scenes na kinunan namin, so don’t miss its start on Saturday, March 20, 8 PM.”

    Billy Crawford feels so blessed. Aside from hosting the daily show, “Lunch Out Loud,” he’s now hosting another show, “The Wall,” produced by Viva TV for TV5 and Cignal.

    “It’s the most exciting game show I’ve seen kasi you can win up to P12 million,” said Billy in its Zoom press con. “It’s very challenging for the contestants, which will play in pairs.”

    Billy says that if the pair would make the right decisions, “The Wall” can change their lives forever. “It’s a franchise from the US and I’m happy that we are given the chance to do it in our country. Lebron James is one of the producers and founders of ‘The Wall’.”

    At this point, his baby boy, Amari, shows up and he cuddles him for a while. How is it being a dad?

    “He’s such a blessing to us and it’s so nice to wake up in the morning with him. Si Baby Amari, napaka-cute, mabait, bungisngis, ‘di masyadong umiiyak. Kahit ‘di ko siya kamukha, but my wife.”

    He says 2020 is a truly memorable year for him and wife Coleen Garcia. “Nawalan kami ng trabaho when ABS-CBN lost its franchise, but this is also the year na pinanganak ang anak namin. At first, we asked: what will we do? Do we sell everything we have here and just move to another country? Those are important life decisions. It’s not easy to think positive sa dami ng negative na nangyayari sa paligid natin.”

    So what did they do?

    “Nagdasal kami ng todo todo at nagtiwala kami sa Panginoon. Kumapit kami sa kanya. I’m now just thankful to TV5 and Brightlight Entertainment dahil nabigyan uli ako ng trabaho.”

    Gabby Concepcion plays one of the most challenging roles in his career in GMA-7’s new primetime show, “First Yaya.”

    “I play Glenn Acosta, who’s the vice president of our country when the show starts, but later on he will win in the election as the new president,” he said. “It’s my first time to portray such a role kaya challenging talaga. But hopefully, with the help of our director, LA Madridejos, naitawid naman namin ito nang maayos.”

    In the story, he is a widower with three kids. His mom, played by Pilar Pilapil, wants him to remarry and has chosen Maxine Medina as Lorraine to be his second wife.

    Lorraine is an ambitious socialite who’s just dying to be the First Lady. But when his kids get a new yaya, Yaya Melody, played by Sanya Lopez, he gets attracted to her, much to the consternation of his mom and Lorraine.

    What can he say that his partners in his TV shows are getting younger and younger after Carla Abellana in “Because of You,” Sunshine Dizon and Ryza Cenon in “Ika-6 na Utos,” and Jennylyn Mercado in “Love You Two”?

    “Well, I guess I’m just lucky that I am paired with younger ladies at magaling silang lahat.

    Kinakapa ko nga lagi what I can learn from them and dito kay Sanya, I learned Tiktok.

    Nag-enjoy ako with all of them, over all. Bilib ako sa GMA in cooking up projects for me that really work.”

    How is it working with Sanya?

    “Sanya is actually my youngest partner as she’s only 23 years old. I know she has a big fan base so hopefully maging fans ko rin sila. The lock-in taping helped Sanya and I to get to know each other better.”

    “First Yaya” will start airing this Monday, March 15, to replace “Anak ni Waray,” right after “24 Oras.”

    Mikael Daez says “Love of My Life” is one of the most successful shows he ever got involved in. The audience response is just overwhelming, with many viewers expressing their very favorable feedback on the internet, reacting to his role as the lucky Nikolai who is torn between two women, Rhian Ramos as Kelly and Carla Abellana as Adelle in the story. To what would he attribute the show’s enormous success?

    “I believe this is a team effort,” he said. “Everyone did his best, especially during the lock in taping when we all really contributed to make it a good show. And the camaraderie among us is great that it shines through our work.”

    He admits most of his scenes with Coney Reyes as his mom are too emotional because she’s so antagonistic towards him. “Yes, mabigat ang mga eksena namin ni Tita Coney.

    There was a lengthy scene na a couple of pages long, so we talked about our characters muna para buong-buo yung emotions namin. Kahit mahirap at mahaba ang scenes namin, take one lang kami lagi, kasi mahirap ulitin, napakahaba.”

    Is it true he and Megan eventually plan to live outside of Metro Manila?

    “We bought a place in Subic and we visit it at least once every two weeks, but we’re still fixing it up. It’s a very old house so inaayos pa namin. But we’re happy kasi we ourselves do the renovation to make it our own. Enjoy kami sa provincial life, but our work, siempre, is still here in Manila. Meantime, don’t miss the last two weeks of ‘Love of My Life,’ dahil mas paganda ng paganda ang takbo ng story.”


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