Who’s who of OPM sing stripped-down hits


    Singer-composer Wency Cornejo turns impresario as he gathers the most incredible Pinoy voices of the ‘90s for an iconic two-night show, “’90s Frontmen Acousticized.”

    Jett Pangan (The Dawn), Dong Abay (Yano), Basti Artadi (Wolfgang) will join Wency (After Image) on the Music Museum stage on January 31 and February 1, 8 p.m.

    It’s a veritable OPM’s who’s who, starting with Basti, who bounced back from an affliction that prevented him from singing.

    “My face is still tagilid but they were able to reconstruct the muscle. I can now hit the high notes without getting tired,” he said, “In the beginning I was losing my voice, and it’s good I was able to have an operation although the tumor can’t be removed because it will do worse damage. I just have to live with it, and pray that it doesn’t get bigger because if it does get bigger, I need to go under the knife.”

    Dong is a multi-hypenate who has his Dong Abay Music Organization. “I’m a constant gardener, I’m a dog walker, I’ve branched out to visual arts, mostly installations. I’m going to have an exhibit early this year. May mga advocacies ako, including being part of Cannabis Philippines. I’m an environmentalist, a tattoo model…. And I’m setting up a bar. I help a community of musicians. I’m a blogger, an online humorist…,” he enumerated.

    Jett is a rock legend, who has crossed over the stage. He was part of “Jesus Christ Superstar,”  “Jekyll and Hyde,” “Nine” and ended the year as the lead in Stephen Soundheim’s “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” with Lea Salonga. He and Wency have enjoyed an enduring friendship. They have both done theater, but it’s Jett who has taken on more projects. The long wait and the rehearsals take a toll on Wency, he said, but Jett believes Wency has the genius to create his own original musical.

    “With Wency’s talent as a songwriter, he can easily compose a new libretto for a musical. Kayang kaya ni Wency,” said Jett.

    For “’90s Frontment Acousticized,” it will just be pure vocals from the four as they perform stripped down versions of their hits. Although they have might have done it in the past, it still an exciting prospect seeing all four gentlemen laid-back and relaxed.

    “The songs will not just consist of our own music. And the thing that’s great is it’s acoustic,” said Basti, “Not only are our songs going to be differently translated, but even other songs. I’m excited to see Dong sing acoustic. That’s exciting for me.”

    Tickets are now available via TicketWorld (8-891-9999) and Music Museum (8-721-6726).