Viewers, netizens rave about ‘The Lost Recipe’


    Like the favorite Pinoy dish adobo, viewers and netizens can’t seem to get enough of “The Lost Recipe” as the fantasy-romance series bannered by Mikee Quintos and Kelvin Miranda becomes officially the highest rating program on GMA News TV (GNTV) this 2021 and a constant top trending topic on Twitter Philippines during its first three days of airing.

    “The Lost Recipe” not only contributed to the increased viewership of GNTV’s primetime block but even made it to the Overall Top 20 programs in Urban Phils. for the period January 18 to 20 (based on Nielsen NUTAM overnight data).

    Even prior to its airing date last January 18, the GMA Public Affairs-produced series has already received praises from netizens for its visually stunning teasers. Its official trailer surpassed the 1 million view mark just days after it was released.

    And when its pilot episode aired last Monday, viewers were surely captivated—from its cinematic opening credits (OBB) to the majestic rendering of some of Manila’s finest landmarks, as well as the element of fantasy and time travel that adds color to the series. But on top of these so-called garnishes that enhance the series, what pulls the audience to The Lost Recipe’s world are its sneak peek into the colorful Pinoy culture and history as reflected on food and tradition, and most importantly the Filipino family dynamics that pave the way for the story’s conflict.

    Its pilot airing became the top trending topic on social media last Monday–with the official hashtag #TheLostRecipe taking the number one spot on Twitter Philippines trends. Its dominance on the social media platform continued the following nights, with the hashtags #TheLostRecipeTimeTravel and #TheLostRecipeAppleVsGinger landing on top of Twitter Philippines’ trending topics last January 19 and 20, respectively.

    Twitter user @juliuscostilla4 shared: “Congratulations @GMA_PA from cast, cinematography at story! Napaka world class! Thank you for giving us series like this!”

    This was seconded by @AlexLopezPH: “Love the concept of revolving the series around OUR Adobo. Good looking cast, yummy food, great shots, nice music.”

    “I love the transition from 19th century to year 2021!,” shares @Zareena_Zane while @samillanoshe raved about the refreshing take of the series on drama-making. “look at themmmm! The lost recipe is very different to usual Filipino teleseryes. It is very unique and refreshing. I love that they show how Philippines look in the past and the outfit, wow i love it. Everything look[s] realistic.”

    Twitter uses @thegeekprince also expressed his admiration to the scenes depicting some of Manila’s historical landmarks and museums: “Kudos to GMA! From a young history geek like me, this series is so beautiful. My tv is powered on again after 5 years! #TheLostRecipe”

    Viewers and netizens are hooked on the story of Harvey and Apple, with some already asking for a marathon recap of the pilot week and for the full episodes to be available online as soon as possible.

    On its pilot episode, Kelvin, who plays Harvey Napoleon in the series, is a chef who dreams of conquering the culinary world. His world starts to crumble when his adobo dish gets a poor review from Chef Waldorf, portrayed by Gabby Eigenmann. With the bad rating, Harvey’s restaurant H&B is put in jeopardy. After his father’s death and an argument with his brother, Harvey drowns himself in alcohol. In his drunken state, he finds his way into a food museum where he meets Dulce (Kim Rodriguez), a mysterious woman who offers him to travel back in time so he can master the recipe of adobo. He goes to the year where his rival restaurant El Adobo is only beginning to thrive and will find himself face to face with Conchita (Manilyn Reynes) — the queen of El Adobo’s number one dish.

    The audience are in for more enticing surprises as Harvey returns to the present time and meets Apple (Mikee). Soon their lives intertwine and together they whip up a story that is bound to further whet the audience’s appetite for the romcom series.

    The first locally produced daily primetime show on GMA News TV, “The Lost Recipe” also features Thea Tolentino, Paul Salas, Lucho Ayala, Maureen Larrazabal, Almira Muhlach, Sue Prado, Topper Fabregas, and Ariella Arida. Joining Harvey and Apple in their kitchen adventure as well are Phytos Ramirez, Prince Clemente, Anton Amoncio, Faye Lorenzo, and Crystal Paras.  Aside from Manilyn, Gabby, and Kim, viewers should also watch out for the special roles of other surprise guests.