Vice Ganda’s boyfriend getting a lot of hate from bashers

    Vice Ganda
    Vice Ganda

    ‘Wonder how Vice Ganda is taking all the bashing that his boyfriend, Ion Perez, is getting now from various haters.’

    ANDREA Torres and Derek Ramsay are so inseparable these days that netizens have been asking if they’re already living in. Andrea is a constant presence in the affairs of Derek’s family, as seen in the photos they post on social media. Andrea was there when Derek’s teenage son, Austin, celebrated his recent birthday. They say it’s more of just an intimate family get together where they practiced social distancing and Andrea seem to get along fine with everyone in Derek’s family.

    Each time Derek goes for his regular sessions with Dr. Vicky Belo, Andrea also tags along to the clinic. Of course, she’s also always there when he visits his parents, who obviously approves of her for their son. When Derek’s niece celebrated her birthday, Andrea was again present in the intimate family affair.

    As a netizen observed: “Sila na nga talaga at mukhang hindi na sila naghihiwalay. It’s obvious they’re so in love with each other. We won’t be surprised if they’re now living together and the next chismis about this is that Andrea is now infanticipating.”But Andrea denied this quickly, saying she still goes home to her parents’ place in Pasay and Derek also has his own home. They’re just waiting for the pandemic to be over so they can start taping the new show GMA has laid out for them, “Sanggang Dikit.”

    Wonder how Vice Ganda is taking all the bashing that his boyfriend, Ion Perez, is getting now from various haters. After Ion posted his picture looking effeminate in the way he sits while taking a selfie, netizens quickly bashed him, saying he’s “pamhinta,” a closet gay who tries to act straight in public to conceal his true gender.

    Ion didn’t take this sitting down and replied: “Upong Koreano lang, bakla agad! Mga ulol!”

    It would have been easier if he just ignored it because the bashers got more provoked.

    They quickly pointed out the signs that Ion is a closet gay, including his hair which he has colored blonde, his colorful getups, and “malamya” actuations.

    Bashers even said he’s actually a jinx to Vice Ganda. They say that since Vice and Ion admitted their relationship openly in public, Vice Ganda’s career took a turn for the worse.

    After reigning in the Metro Manila Film Festival as top grosser for several consecutive years, Vice’s last entry, “The Mall the Merrier,” where Ion also appeared, was clobbered by Aga Muhlach’s entry at the box office. It’s unfortunate really since Vice used to be known as the “Unkabogable Star.”

    On TV, they also pointed out that Vice Ganda’s long-running solo show, “Gandang Gabi, Vice,” was terminated. And now, ABS-CBN’s franchise has not been renewed and Vice Ganda’s exposure in “It’s Showtime” has definitely been lessened.

    The bashers added that the sooner Vice drops Ion, the better for him and for ABS-CBN because Vice can’t win in both love and career simultaneously.

    Actors who are worried about the current state of affairs in the film and TV industry have formed their own organization called League of Filipino Actors or Aktor, headed by Dingdong Dantes. Wonder how the Screen Actors Guild of the Film Academy of the Philippines or FAP feel about this.

    The FAP is supposed to be the umbrella organization for local showbiz workers but now, there is a new organization called Inter Guild Alliance among industry members that obviously negates the FAP. Obviously, they feel that the Actors Guild and the FAP are not enough and have not really done anything for them all these years.

    This must be the reason why they decided to form new organizations like Aktor and Inter Guild Alliance that are more vocal even about socially-relevant issues like the anti-terror bill, the stalled renewal of ABS-CBN’s franchise, and the shooting and taping protocols recently issued by the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP).

    Sharon Cuneta is apparently in a fighting mood these days. She used to be apolitical and even supportive of the Duterte administration but now, she has declared that she believes Vice Pres. Leni Robredo should run in the 2022 presidential election to succeed Duterte.

    In a recent Instagram video, she expressed her frustration on the current sad fate of our country, voicing out what we all feel today.

    “I don’t know what’s happened to our country,” she said. “I hope VP Leni runs for president next time dahil hindi na rin naman makakatakbo si Tatay (Duterte) next time. One term lang, ‘di ba?… Sana manalo si VP Leni kung tumakbo siya. Baka sakaling bumalik ang pagkadisente ng karamihan sa atin.”

    She confessed she campaigned for VP Leni in the last election. And we all know her husband Sen. Kiko Pangilinan is with the opposition. “So ‘yung asawa ko minsan, masasakit na ‘yung salita ng Pangulo against him, pero hinahayaan ko na lang kasi, iniisip ko, they’re both politicians and so those are their issues… Ang trato sa akin ng Pangulo, parang anak niya, ang tawag niya pa sa akin, ‘the singer of my life,’ tapos mahal ko si Inday Sara (Duterte’s daughter) kasi maliit pa ‘yan Sharonian na ‘yan.”

    But lately, after her daughter Frankie was threatened with rape by a Duterte supporter who also maligned her husband, she says she became very angry.