Trapped together


    ‘Not because she does not like to do lock-in taping but because she’d rather join the lock-in taping of her husband in Tagaytay’

    MEGAN Young is supposed to play one of the three wives of Dennis Trillo in GMA-7’s new soap, “Legal Wives,” but she begged off. Not because she does not like to do lock-in taping but because she’d rather join the lock-in taping of her husband in Tagaytay for “Love of My Life,” the hit primetime show that has resumed its taping a week ago.

    Megan Young and Mikael Daez

    Megan’s loss is now the gain of Andrea Torres, who quickly agreed to replace her since she and her inamorato, Derek Ramsay, are not yet taping their own new show, “Sanggang Dikit.” So now, Megan is Mikael Daez’ plus one on the set of his drama series with Carla Abellana, Rhian Ramos and Coney Reyes.

    Mikael posted his photo in his social media account taken on location in the set in Tagaytay and Megan is right there beside him. Mikael wrote: “Bahay-bahayan sa bundok. It has been almost a week of being trapped together in one room. We barely go out to stay as safe as possible… and we’re enjoying! It feels like a camping trip! We brought supplies and equipment to make ourselves productive and can I just say, Tagaytay is beautiful during this time of the year! This work from camp situation has been a success so far. Another 10 days to go!”

    How sweet it is for Megan and Mikael to be together as he tapes his show. They must feel like they’re having another honeymoon. Perhaps they can look forward to having a baby that’s made in Tagaytay.


    Jillian Ward and her co-stars in “Prima Donnas” have reason to celebrate because the return of their show, which was halted by the lockdown, was greeted warmly by its loyal viewers. The story continued in the fresh new episodes they taped in a lock-in location and the show’s fans are happy to see what has happened to the Donnas, with Jillian playing the eldest one, Donna Marie or Mayi.

    “Nakakatuwa po basahin ang comments at feedback nila kasi it shows na na-miss nila talaga kami,” said Jillian. “Ngayon daw, masasagot na ang questions na naiwang nakabitin after biglang maputol ang show.”

    Was it difficult to get back to their characters after being idle for so long?

    “What I did is I watched past episodes of ‘Prima Donnas’ on YouTube to connect with my character and the story again,” she replied. “Tapos, with the help of each other and our director, Tita Gina Alajar, it became easier for all of us para makabalik and internalize the characters na aming ginagampanan.”

    So how would she assess working at the time of the pandemic?

    “Mahirap po, but it’s also kinda fun kasi we’re all together in one location, our Primas Donna family. We are making good memories together habang magkakasama kami sa location while practicing health protocols like ‘yung having swab test together to ensure we’re all healthy.”

    Since the show’s rating continue to soar, they are now about to do another lock-in taping for two more weeks. “The episodes we will be taping is until December na po. We don’t know yet kung matatapos na ang story kasi it all depends sa reception ng viewers. Sana patuloy na mataas ang ratings namin para ma-extend pa kami at may trabaho until dumating ang New Year na 2021.”


    Ynna Asistio joined showbiz when she was 15 in 2006, hosting the youth-oriented show “Candies” for GMA-7. She then did several shows with GMA and later with ABS-CBN, but she was never given a lead role. Now, she finally gets the chance to play the lead in Eagle Broadcasting Net 25’s first drama series, “Ang Daigdig Ko’y Ikaw,” directed by the award-winning indie filmmaker (“Pamilya Ordinaryo,” “Quick Change,” “Fuckbois”) Eduardo Roy.
    “Pinag-pray ko po talaga ito,” Ynna said. “And I’m so thankful God answered my prayers.”

    Ynna posted a video some months ago saying she’s so tired and she’s surrendering herself to the Lord. “I felt so down that time,” she admitted. “Wala akong work, may pandemic at lockdown pa. So I talked to God directly and asked for His help. Now I want to share with people na with God, you will know the right direction. When you make God the center of your life, everything will fall into the right place. After 14 years in the industry, now lang ako nabigyan ng ganitong break. At first, kabado ako with my acting, but with the help of our director and my leading man, Geoff Eigenmann, nabalik ‘yung confidence ko sa harap ng kamera.”

    In the story, she plays Reina Dimayuga, the daughter of a wealthy couple who owns the only hotel in their town. She dreams of being a classical singer but tragedy strikes and she becomes the primary caregiver of her ailing, wheelchair-bound mom, played by Tanya Gomez. She also helps her dad, Manolo Silayan, to manage their hotel.

    “Ang Daigdig Ko’y Ikaw” will be seen on Net 25 starting November 28 and every Saturday at 8 p.m.


    Janno Gibbs has worked with GMA-7, ABS-CBN and TV5. Now, he’s glad to do a show, “Happy Time,” with Net25.

    “We started last September and so far, happy talaga kami pati ang management,” he said.

    “You can see naman sa feedback ng viewers online. Even our bosses are happy with the feedback from satisfied viewers. We’re glad na napapasaya namin sila.”

    He used to be identified as a perennial late comer, but he claims that he has since reformed. “Disciplined na po tayo. Matagal na akong hindi nale-late. Maski sa shooting ng movies na ginagawa ko sa Viva, hindi ako nale-late. You can ask them. And now, I just feel blessed having a hosting job sa isang noontime show. Daily pa. So I’m really grateful to Net 25 for giving me this show. At kahit na hindi naman ako member ng Iglesia ni Kristo, they treat me well. And of course, it’s a joy to be working with my longtime friend, Anjo Yllana, na nakasama ko na sa ilang movies and TV shows before kaya swak agad kami. Ang co-host namin, si Kitkat, blends well with us, so we’re all happy hosting the show and with the viewer’s response to us.”