‘The Final Pitch’ is looking for entrepreneurs with bayanihan spirit


    “THE Final Pitch” is training the spotlight on startups, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, and individuals who have new solutions to address the economic and social impact of COVID-19.

    Finalists will face an esteemed panel of investors each looking for unique ideas that will positively impact the Philippine economy and move the country forward.

    During the official media launch, Vince Yamat, managing director of 917Ventures, said, “We are looking for what we call a venture builder – someone with grit and the right attitude who is passionate about solving a problem. We just need the right idea and the right attitude and we will provide the Globe an unfair advantage: the Ayala ecosystem of marketing, logistics, and product development. We will work with you as we solve a big problem and improve the lives of the Filipino people together.”

    Li Hao Zuang, CEO of FWD Insurance Philippines, on the other hand, is looking to support individuals or organizations with a social mission. “We are looking for entrepreneurs with a bayanihan spirit who want to change the world, who have a distinct offering and concept, and a commercially viable plan. Because FWD is always on the lookout to improve our customer experience, we are looking for companies that can help us in process and reach.”

    UBX’s John Januszczak is on the lookout for idea builders. “We’re very interested in investing in ideas, in founders and in talented entrepreneurs. We can invest in external or stand-alone ventures through our venture fund. We also have our venture studio which could make sense for someone who has a smaller team but needs the resources of an incubator/accelerator to bring their startup to market. UBX will provide individuals who have a great idea with a framework and assistance that will validate it and give capital and resources to bring it to scale.”

    Finally, Joel Santos, the president of Thames International Business School, who in previous seasons has served as a mentor on the show, now comes in as a judge who will be lending his business and strategic insights and his extensive network to provide support to entrepreneurs. “We are ready to offer our programs in Thames plus personal mentoring depending on the gap they need to fill to be able to scale up their enterprise. This includes possible strategic partnerships across the region that we hope to help facilitate.”

    Katrina Chan, executive director of QBO Innovation Hub, also joins the show as a mentor.

    “This season is a chance to prove that despite our current challenges, we can work strategically given our limited resources to move the country forward and provide solutions and opportunities during and after a crisis. We look forward to discovering new startups and talented individuals who, together with our mentors and investors, will help to rebuild the nation,” said show creator and host John Aguilar.

    Aguilar further notes that apart from the investor judges on the show, “The Final Pitch” is open to other investors and groups who would like to work with the show behind the scenes, and help match them to prospective startups they can add resources and strategic value to.

    Online entries and one-minute pitch videos can be submitted via TheFinalPitch.ph/application. Interested investors and partners may also reach the show through submit@TheFinalPitch.ph or 0917-8136674.