‘The Boy Foretold by the Stars’ captures romantic moment in everyone’s lives


    In a time of fear and uncertainty, “The Boy Foretold by the Stars” is a story that transports viewers to a romantic moment in their lives.

    Writer-director Dolly Dulu recounts his own experience of finding first love in an all-boys school. It is a personal tale that resonates with all kinds of lovers because it is simple and true. There are few complications in the story. Wala halos kontrabida except for a homophobic classmate. Adults do not seem to exist, or if they do, they are accepting, tolerant and loving.

    “Love is love is love,” Dulu intoned when asked what his movie’s message is. Love is proven the equalizer in the film. When Dominic (Adrian Lindayag) asks Luke (Keann Johnson) if he loves him, we know Luke weighs the question not in terms of gender – whether to choose the guy before him or his girlfriend Reese – but on affection. He decides based on who he feels a deep connection to – and not to who society – or anyone for that matter – dictates he should be with.

    The heartfelt story is served well by its terrific cast, led by Lindayag, Johnson and Iyah Mina, who plays a gregarious fortuneteller. The three shine in roles that they are obviously comfortable playing. Lindayag, who started his career in stage musicals, is also given the chance to highlight his singing voice, with Dulu contributing a couple of original songs that Adrian performed beautifully in the film. With his screen presence and talents, it would be interesting to see the actor’s career unfold as he has previously said he has yet to feel ready to take on straight roles, unlike other actors who have come out, such as international stars Luke Evans and Sir Ian McKellan who accept all types of acting challenges offered to them.

    “The Boy Foretold by the Stars,” one of the ten entries in the ongoing Metro Manila Film Festival, may be classified as a Boys’ Love tale, but it can be anyone’s love story.

    In telling his story, Dulu reminds everyone of how the heart’s dictates are beyond society’s dictates. Small wonder actress Jodi Sta. Maria, who produced the movie with Omar Sortijas and Derick Cabrido, wholeheartedly supported this dreamy vision of young romance.