Teased by ‘Mia’


    Viewers have been teased by “Mia” for weeks now.

    The movie’s teaser has done a good job whetting the appetite of fans, and people are very curious about the story of the beer-chugging Mia. To date, the official trailer, launched on November 11, has garnered over six million organic views on Facebook, and more than 500,000 on YouTube.

    Comments on the different sites also show how the movie is truly one of the most anticipated films of 2020, citing the exceptional on-screen chemistry of its lead actors Coleen Garcia and Edgar Allan Guzman and the arresting cinematography by Noel Teehankee of the very intriguing teaser. Netizens also expressed their love for the film’s official soundtracks titled “Sa Iba Na Lang” performed by duo B.O.U. and “Ikaw Na Nga Talaga” by 1:43. Both songs were written by Jayson Dedal and arranged in Sonic State Audio Studio.

    At the press con last Friday, director Veronica Velasco and producer Chris Cahilig, an award-winning filmmaker, cleared that the trailer was edited that way so as not to present the whole story.

    The atypical trailer is just in keeping with the story, the two say.

    “Mia” is not the usual love story, according to the director. It was shot in the southernmost part of Palawan, Rio Tuba in the municipality of Bataraza, which is away from the touristy destinations. The location is near a known mining spot, because the movie will not only relate the love story of the self-destructive doctor named Mia, played by Coleen Garcia, and the forester (EA Guzman) who falls for her, because it will also touch on environmental themes.

    “Mia” is about healing and tells the tale of a self-destructive alcoholic, Mia, a doctor struggling to heal from the tragedy of her fiance’s death, and Jay, who transforms mined-out land into rainforests.

    With its screenplay co-written by Velasco and Jinky Laurel, the film shows that conflict can sometimes lead to something beautiful, as Mia and Jay’s clashes also show that their chemistry is undeniable.

    Other cast members include Yayo Aguila and William Martinez, Billy Crawford, Star Orjaliza, Jeremy Domingo, Sunshine Teodoro, Pau Benitez and Xenia Barrameda.

    Two days prior to its much-awaited showing on cinemas nationwide on January 15, 2020, “Mia” will hold the “National Mia Day” at the Cinema 1 of SM Megamall with women named Mia will be given free tickets to attend the film’s special screening.

    The cast and crew led by Coleen and EA will also hold a series of mall shows at SM Dasmariñas (January 11), Fishermall Malabon and Quezon Avenue (January 12).