Sylvia Sanchez inks contract with ALV


    ALV Talent Circuit, Arnold Vegafria’s talent management outfit, proudly welcomed Sylvia Sanchez to its roster of stars.

    The award-winning drama actress disclosed that the new partnership aims to explore potential movie projects and endorsement deals.

    “Above all else, I expect a family. Trust and loyalty are important to me, and I’m confident that this new venture will point me in that direction,” she stressed.

    “Of course, Sylvia’s acting talent is beyond reproach,” said Arnold, “She is a brand unto herself, and that’s what I’m more excited to explore. Besides, there’s so much room for creative and artistic collaboration.”

    As one of the lead stars of the ABS-CBN primetime teleserye “Pamilya Ko,” Sylvia continues to earn critical acclaim for her dramatic mettle, which has made her one of the Kapamilya network’s top actresses.

    Given the chance, however, she would love to dabble in more comic roles. “My first TV exposure was actually comedy, when I worked with Rene Requiestas in ‘Bhoy’ (1989-1991),” she revealed.

    Sylvia is also optimistic about working behind the scenes as a movie producer, and hints at two forthcoming indie films set to roll next year.

    Apart from her hectic shooting sked, she also calls the shots for Powerhouse Arte Inc., a talent management company handling seasoned actors as well as young upstarts.

    The proud mom is thankful for the flourishing showbiz careers of her kids, Arjo and Ria Atayde.

    “I want them not just to be prolific actors, but also to be one of the best, the kind who earn the respect of their fellow actors,” she said.

    When it comes to endorsements, Sylvia takes a no-nonsense approach . “I try the product and see if it’s effective. I also want it to have some relevance to my life,” she explains, citing some brands she grew up with and which have withstood the test of time.

    For the coming holidays, Sylvia and her family plan to take their well-deserved showbiz break and hie off to Dubai.