Star Music partners with Reel8


    STAR Music has teamed up with production unit Reel8 in telling compelling stories through music videos inspired by well-loved Pinoy tracks under Star Music and uploaded on the new YouTube channel, Reel8.

    The new initiative prides itself in taking on “a duty to propel the Philippine music industry through stories that are relevant and meaningful to the real consciousness and emotions of the Filipinos,” as well as producing “Reel8-able stories inspired by the songs we love.”

    Its debut offering is the music video for the metaphor-filled track “Ambon,” Nica del Rosario’s entry to ABS-CBN’s Himig Handog songwriting competition in 2016, which was interpreted by Barbie Almalbis.

    The music video depicts the story of a hopeless romantic woman who has somehow grown impatient for a marriage proposal from her boyfriend to happen. It also subtly paints the song’s theme of a couple being on different pages when it comes to taking their relationship to the next level.

    Watch the “Ambon” MV on Reel8’s YouTube channel.


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