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    AS the world continues to battle the COVID-19 disease during this time of sanctity, a lot of people are getting increasingly anxious — making self-reflection and commemoration of God’s sacrifice tougher to observe.

    In case you are one of those who have been extremely gloomy and restless lately, listening to some inspirational tracks may motivate you to take heart and believe that everything will be better soon.

    Regine Velasquez-Alcasid mirrors humanity’s plea for healing and forgiveness amidst the current pandemic throughout the world in her rendition of “Heal Our Land,” which also features the Villancico Vocal Ensemble.

     Marlo Mortel meanwhile delivers a prayer for his mom who succumbed to cancer in “I Pray,” an emotional track which pays tribute to his mother’s strength and bravery while battling the illness. It could also serve as a song of support for individuals who are currently fighting any disease.

    On the other hand, Sam Mangubat imparts a well-timed reminder on being secured in life with the help of a love that defeats all odds in “Pagka’t Nariyan Ka.” This love could very well be attributed to God’s love, which transcends any and all kinds of human affection.

    Furthering the hope that sufferings and pain will soon come to an end is OPM band Agsunta’s “Bagong Umaga” from their EP “Feels Trip,” a record that highlights the anticipation of a better tomorrow by slowly rising up after being downhearted because of painful experiences.

    Jed Madela’s “’Di Matitinag” is also an empowering anthem about standing one’s ground in the face of trials and tribulations. It inspires listeners to have courage and trust that in the end, the skies will clear and better days will arrive.


    Finally, Jaya’s “Miracle Child,” one of the tracks from her comeback album “Queen of Soul,” is an ode to parents’ undying love and confidence in their children — a testament which somehow reflects God’s plan to use his only son, Jesus Christ, to save humanity from their sins.

    Bask in tranquility and reflect on life by listening to “Heal Our Land,” “I Pray,” “Pagka’t Nariyan Ka,” “Bagong Umaga,” “’Di Matitinag,” and “Miracle Child” this Holy Week in various digital streaming platforms. Also check out Star Music’s “Music Heals” playlist on Spotify to listen to more inspirational OPM tracks.


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