Sophie Albert upbeat about resuming career after giving birth


    Like most expectant mothers, Sophie Albert is focused on her coming child.

    She and fiancé, Vin Abrenica, are preparing for their coming daughter. At Sophie’s Zoom press con last Friday, the Kapuso star admitted that her pregnancy was not planned, although she and Vin have always known they are ending with each other.

    “Eight years na kami. We knew naman [that we will end up together] pero hindi pa kami at the point that we were setting a date. We were always pushing it back,” she related, “I think kasi sure na sure na kami na [kami] na. Feeling ko si God din nagbigay [ng pregnancy] para gumalaw galaw [kami] sa personal lives [namin] kasi kung hindi, wala….”
    Sophie revealed that both sides of the family welcomed the good news, and are supportive of the couple.

    Sophie said the pregnancy has not been an easy one, especially during her first trimester.

    She had morning sickness the whole day and was very needy and clingy that she would bug Vin often. In spite of the difficulties, the couple have received nothing but support from both sides of their family. Sophie is also very thankful to GMA.

    “GMA has been super supportive helping me gather things for my baby. As soon as I found out I’m pregnant, sinabi ko na sa handler ko,” she recalled.

    “This whole time, they’ve been guiding me in my journey,” she also said.

    Even before her pregnancy, Sophie said she has always felt she was in good hands. She said she was never picky about roles so she appreciates that GMA gave her many opportunities and varying roles that challenged her mettle as an actress.

    “I think GMA has been giving – eversince I moved – a lot of opportunities to shine,” she stated, “They never gave me the same role as my last. Like in ‘Pamilya Roces,’ I’m surprised GMA gave me the chance to be Amber. Ganun din sa ‘Bihag.’ My last project, they paired me with Alden. I think they were giving me all the opportunities.

    “All in all I’m very happy with the way the career has been going the whole quarantine and lockdown,” she continued, “Hindi ako nabakante.”

    The 30-year-old actress is upbeat that her network will continue supporting her even after her delivery. Sophie feels lucky that there are more opportunities that exist now for women, and that mothers get the chance to pursue their dreams and fulfill their passions.

    “Which is nice,” she reflected, “If it were a long time ago, after women had their babies – that’s it. Now, it’s more empowering that mommies are able to do kung anu ano. Even Gal Gadot, she was pregnant while doing ‘Wonder Woman.’ It’s empowering that women are now given a chance to still fulfill their dreams after having kids. Sana ganun din ang maging path ko.”

    Sophie is looking forward to getting back before the cameras, of course after devoting enough time to motherhood. She will welcome all types of roles – even mother roles, she said!

    In the meantime, she and Vin have started their own YouTube account where they get to update their fans about the goings on in their growing family. Sophie said the YouTube account will also serve as a way to document the development of their daughter.

    “I think kami ni Vin started our YouTube channel because we want to have something to show to our baby when she grows up, na this is our experience while preparing for you,” she explained, “That’s one of the things that we want to be able to do – to document a lot of our journey as parents and the growth of our baby. Me personally, dahil bunso ako, wala na akong childhood pictures, very very little, very rare. Pati stories as a child, very limited.

    Gusto ko rin ma document each and every milestone of our baby.”