Netflix Philippines debuts ‘Rocket to the Moon’ song cover by Julie Anne San Jose

    Netflix Philippines has released a song cover for “Rocket to the Moon,” the lead single of the Netflix film, “Over the Moon.”

    Filipina singer Julie Anne San Jose sang and performed the cover, now on Netflix Philippines’ Facebook and YouTube channels.

    “When I first heard about [the song cover], I got really excited since I have always been a fan of Netflix films,” shared Julie. “I’m happy and honored that they have chosen me to do a cover of ‘Rocket to the Moon.’ I hope I was able to give justice to the song and hope that fans like it!”

    The magical music video features Julie singing her cover, as she’s surrounded by animation straight from “Over the Moon” and its colorful characters.

    “The [shoot] is different from the previous music videos that I have done since this time, there is an animation component,” she noted. “While filming, we used Chroma and I had to imagine that I was part of the movie and interacting with some of the characters of the film, which for me, was the most exciting part. The fun part was that everyone was humming the song, even the most macho crew on the set.”

    “Rocket to the Moon” is originally sung by Chinese-Filipina actress Cathy Ang. She also voices the lead character, Fei Fei, a young girl who builds a rocket ship to the moon to prove the existence of the legendary Moon Goddess, Chang’e.

    “I admire how the song portrayed the character build-up of Fei Fei. The first part of the lyrics was full of self-doubt, then as the song goes on, you can now feel the determination and confidence of her character,” added Julie. “Usually, my [music] style is R&B or ballad, sometimes I do rap covers. And doing a song cover of ‘Rocket to the Moon’ brought me back to the days where I was just a kid who had big dreams.”

    “I like the movie since it uses different components such as folklore and fantasy to explore and deliver values and lessons about grief, life, and love. The usual notion is that if it’s an animated film, it’s for kids, but Over The Moon is also for the kids at heart,” continues Julie. “And as a Filipino, I know this movie is very relatable to us since Filipinos are known to be optimistic, that regardless of the situation we are in, we always find our silver lining.”


    ABS-CBN honored with lifetime achievement award at Asia Content Awards

    ABS-CBN continues to make its mark overseas as the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award in the 2020 Asia Contents Awards (ACA) held recently at Busan, South Korea.

    The ACA, which recognizes outstanding TV and OTT drama series throughout Asia, conferred the honor to the Philippines’ leading media and entertainment company for its significant contributions as a broadcaster in the Asian region.

    In her acceptance speech, ABS-CBN chief operating officer of broadcast Cory Vidanes said the award came at an opportune time as ABS-CBN remains “undaunted in championing Filipino content globally” amidst the challenges it recently faced in the middle of a pandemic.

    “In the last 65 years, we have created an environment of innovation, nurturing all our content creators, producers, artisans and talents to embrace a new era of global excellence. I humbly share this award with all the men and women of ABS-CBN and with every Filipino we continue to serve,” Vidanes said in a virtual ceremony streamed on the YouTube channel of the Busan International Film Festival last Sunday (October 25).

    This year’s ACA comprised of 10 categories and 11 awards and drew a total of 75 entries from 17 different countries in Asia. Apart from ABS-CBN, Amuse Inc. of Japan also received a Lifetime Achievement Award.

    Despite the non-renewal of its franchise to broadcast, ABS-CBN continues to serve Filipinos with entertainment and news content delivered on multiple media platforms such as cable, satellite, and digital, and remains committed to promote Filipino content to audiences all over the world.

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