Sharon has a change of heart


    ‘In her latest post in her YouTube channel, she said she has changed her mind and will not sue Ronald anymore as she earlier planned.’

    MEGAN Young is the first Filipina to win the Miss World title in 2013 and since then, she’s been hosting the pageant’s coronation night every year. But this year, she’s not even sure yet if there would be a pageant at all because of the worldwide corona health crisis. Even the local version that will choose our representative to be sent there has yet to be chosen.

    “I really don’t know kung matutuloy siya,” said Megan. “I haven’t been informed yet.”
    Meantime, while her home studio, GMA-7, has not yet resumed regular tapings, she’s busy with her hubby Mikael Daez doing their own YouTube broadcast called “Megan and Mikael Podcast.”

    Recently they talked about “#BehindRelationshipGoals” and focused on online gaming to know if it’s all right for anyone to spend money on them. They warned gaming enthusiasts to be more cautious as the couple themselves learned a lesson the hard way. Mikael got so fond of playing online games he didn’t notice that their credit card bill had skyrocketed.

    “It was a moment of me being irresponsible and not disciplined at all,” he said.


    Kokoy De Santos has gained so many fans because of the hit BL (Boys Love) online show, “Game Boys.” He’s actually the top draw in the show because his character, named Gavreel, is such a charmer. He’s very open about his sexuality and Kokoy delivers all his lines so casually but with so much confident nonchalance, like saying “liligawan kita” or “selos ka na.”

    Kokoy’s full name is Ronald de Santos Jr. and started doing TV commercials. He’s a graduate of Chef Boy Logro’s Culinary Arts Institute. Then he started acting on TV doing shows and then full-length movies, like “Tumbang Preso,” “Die Beautiful,” “Fuccbois” and “Signal Rock.”

    He’s so hot that iWant already got him to do another BL series for them. But of course, he would have to complete the run of “Game Boys,” which was originally meant to have only four episodes. Now that it’s a big hit not only locally but also abroad, it might run for ten episodes, with a plan to turn it later into a movie.

    “Game Boys” is produced by IdeaFirst Production, the company of filmmakers Jun Lana and Perci Intalan. They now have plans to do a GL (Girls Love) series, much to the delight of lesbians who feel left out because all the shows being done now are BL. The title is “Pearl Next Door,” actually a spin off from “Game Boys” where Pearl, the former girlfriend of Kokoy, is played by the perky and impish Adrianna So. This is no doubt quite a risk as they don’t know if the market for GL is as big as for BL shows.


    The coronavirus is definitely a game changer. It has not only disrupted our lives but really changed our lifestyle drastically in more ways than one. The entertainment and the food industries are the most affected.

    Malls, theaters, comedy bars like Punchline, Laffline, Allan K’s Zirkoh and Klownz where many comedians started their careers, and restaurants have been closed down for four months now. Some of them have opened up again but there are few clients coming in since a lot of people are still scared to eat out.

    Some of them have no choice but to terminate their operations permanently due to the high overhead costs of maintaining them when there are no patrons.

    Also suffering are production companies that stage concerts, different kinds of shows and also stage plays and musicals. We were so looking forward to Atlantis Productions’ “The Band’s Visit,” an award-winning Broadway musical which was just about to open when the lockdown was instituted.

    All the stars with restaurants and other food business, like Judy Ann Santos, Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza, Aga Muhlach, Gladys Reyes, Karylle, Marvin Agustin, Kris Aquino, Kris Bernal, etc. have been adversely affected, too. They had to stop their operations for a while but some of them are back in business but only for take out and deliveries.

    The action now is mostly on TV (free and cable TV) and online, where everyone is watching what’s the latest post of various stars on their YouTube channels. We’re afraid the stars have really made themselves so common and accessible since almost everyone has his own outlet. Before, they were somewhat perched on a high pedestal, not readily available to the masses and their fans, now, they have most certainly opened themselves up even for bashing, all kinds of hate messages.



    Sharon Cuneta, after ranting vehemently against her former publicist, Ronald Carballo, proves she still has a soft heart. In her latest post in her YouTube channel, she said she has changed her mind and will not sue Ronald anymore as she earlier planned. This is, in effect, what she declared:

    “Ronald Carballo has written so many vile things about me for almost 20 years. Thank you for your letter of apology, kahit dinelete mo ‘yun. I’ve read it. It was shared so many times by other people. I even shared it. I appreciate that. And that’s enough for me.

    “You claimed to be a Christian but you did not act like one. I am a Christian and though it’s hard for me, I try to obey. Because of that, I forgive you. I will try my best to forget. But one thing I will not do is sue you. Hindi kita idedemanda, Ronald. Dahil may pinagsamahan naman tayo. At sana, gawin mo itong pagkakataon para magbago, bumalik sa Panginoon, at gamitin ang talento mo sa pagsulat sa mabuti.”

    Her stance against the Duterte supporter named Sonny Alcos who threatened to rape her daughter Frankie has also softened. “‘Yung kay Sonny Alcos, si Frankie ang magpa-file ng case kapag nag-decide siya. Hindi ako, because she’s an adult and that’s her choice.”


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