Selena Gomez cooks adobo using this vinegar brand

    Selena Gomez

    Whenever you talk about Filipino food with anyone, especially outside the Philippines, chances are the first thing that will come to mind is adobo. There are so many different variations you can find in around the country, with every household having their own special take on what the best adobo tastes like.

    Everyone loves adobo, so much so that, over the years, our signature dish has been making quite an impact around the world. Filipino adobo returns to the spotlight once again when actress and pop artist Selena Gomez prepared the dish in the upcoming season of her cooking show “Selena + Chef.”

    With the help of hotshot Filipino-Canadian celebrity chef Jordan Andino, Selena whips up adobo using Filipino vinegar Datu Puti, which is displayed prominently on her kitchen countertop.

    The secret to a great adobo, after all, is the perfect balance of soy sauce and vinegar.

    The second season of “Selena + Chef” will premiere on the HBO Max streaming service on January 21.