Ryle focused on hosting


    RYLE Santiago knows how to bide his time. The Hashtag member is quite content right now with his projects, zeroing on hosting while waiting for his big break.

    “Pinaubaya sa amin ang online ng ‘It’s Showtime.’ We dance at least once a week at pinag-ho-host na rin po kami, without script, sa YouTube. Walang commercial. Tapos every Monday and Friday, may segment na pinagkatiwala sa amin, ‘yung ‘Sine Mo To!’ with the Hashtag and Bidaman. Sa amin na po ‘yun.”

    He enjoys hosting, and also has other digital shows, One Music and Wander Jams, where he gets to showcase his gift for gab. Aside from these, he remains an endorser of Cherub Baby Care of Megasoft Hygienic Products. He just had his contract renewal after a year and a half

    Though he’s clearly no longer a baby, the 20-year-old knows how to endear himself to people with his child-like exuberance and his charisma.

    It is this winning personality, how he engages his fans, plus his hard work as an artist and his diligence as a student that won him his contract renewal with Megasoft Hygienic Products, said Aileen Choi Go, the company’s vice president for sales and marketing.

    “Ryle has a bubbly personality, always happy, optimistic and perky much like how our brand has been portrayed in the market. Clearly he is an embodiment of what we are looking for in our brand that is positioned to be an inspiration to all the students nationwide as we aim to reach our 100th school for Megasoft’s ‘School is cool’ advocacy,” she related.

    Ryle said the Megasoft family and Cherub Baby Products are special to him, so he strives to always be available whenever they have promotional trips, especially after the warm welcome he’s received in the provinces. He said that he does not mind getting mobbed, or even being bruised due to enthusiastic fans.

    “In Negros Occidental, umuwi akong may malaking bukol pero hindi ko minasama ‘yun,” he recalled, “And Bohol, they gave me time to enjoy the beach because they make sure may pleasure din sa mga trips.”