Ryan gives plane ticket to Korean vendor


    Back to each other arms, we heard, are sexpot Ivana Alawi and Laguna Congressman Dan Fernandez.

    It will be recalled that when they were first linked, Ivana vehemently denied the rumor.

    Now, however, Congressman Dan reportedly brings Ivana with him to events and proudly introduces her to his friends.

    Congressman Dan is a former actor and was married to former actress Shiela Ysrael.


    Pops Fernandez joins Christian Bautista and Ai Ai de las Alas as part of the jury in GMA’s classy singing contest, “The Clash.”

    Pops took over Lani Misalucha, who has been advised by her doctor to take a rest.

    “Mabuti nataon na wala akong ginagawa,” said Pops. “Next year pa ako magiging busy.

    “Balak ko nga sana na tutukan ang pagiging mom ko.”

    Pops has remained friends with ex-husband Martin Nievera, father of her two sons, Robin and Ram. She is also close to Santino, Martin’s son with Katrina Ojeda.


    Gardo Versoza feels grateful to his wife, Ivy, for saving his old photos as their house was being ravaged by Typhoon Ulysses.

    “Lahat ng bagay ay nabasa,” Gardo related, “but, sabi nga ni Ivy, mapapatuyo namin iyon.

    “Samantala ‘yung mga old photos ko, dahil black and white karamihan, mahirap nang lunasan.”

    As some parts of their house were destroyed, they would need to have them repaired – pronto.

    “I’m just grateful I have a new series. At least, may panggastos sa pagpapa-repair,” Gardo said, giving way to a sigh.


    Ryan bought a ticket for Mr. Jang upon learning that the latter wants to go back to South Korea but lacks funds to purchase a plane ticket.

    All of Ryan Bang’s “It’s Showtime” co-hosts admire him for helping a fellow Korean.

    The Korean, Mr. Jang, has a riches to rags story. He lost his fortune and has resorted to selling Korean noodles in the Philippines.

    Ryan Bang

    Ryan bought a ticket for Mr. Jang upon learning that the latter wants to go back to South Korea but lacks funds to purchase a plane ticket.

    In their conversation, Mr. Jang said he used to own a construction company twenty years ago. He was scammed of his money and he even tried to end his life by committing suicide.

    He started to look for a way to earn money so he sold Korean ramen on the street. Then a Filipino shop owner named Bobby saw the Korean vendor, and gave Mr. Jang the chance to sell noodles in front of his shop.

    Ryan also came from humble beginnings. His father worked as a driver in South Korea.

    “It was here in the Philippines that my life became better,” said Ryan. “And as some of my mga kasama in ‘It’s Showtime’ tells me, I should give back by helping people in need. I feel so good that I helped a fellow Korean.”


    Vice Ganda says he has a lot to celebrate this Christmas. And it is not only because of his loved ones, including boyfriend Ion Perez, but also because he is able to help a number of people, especially the survivors of the recent calamities that hit the country.

    “I’m aware of the criticisms I get, dahil, bakit kailangan ko daw humingi pa sa iba ng tulong sa aking advocacy, when I can well afford it daw,” said Vice.

    “Simple lang ang reason ko diyan. I want them to also feel how I feel when I am able to help other people.”

    Well said, Vice.