Riki Flo talks about rediscovering family bonding

    Riki Flo

    When everybody welcomed the new decade full of hopes and excitement, no one could have predicted how a health crisis would put an indefinite pause on their plans and resolutions for the year. However, radio personality and wonder-mom Riki Flo felt blessed to have spent the time in quarantine with the company of her loving family.

    “I realized that spending time at home with people you love the most is a luxury, and when life got too real, I was reminded of that. And though we may not have had as many adventures outside this year, we made many memories at home and that allowed us to become closer,” she said.

    When the news of the lockdown first broke in the country, Riki remembers how she prepared for the quarantine by purchasing art supplies for her children. A mother of two young and energetic kids, Calix and Dandy, she knew that the isolation would be a difficult period of adjustment for them and wanted to brighten things up.

    “Being isolated from the world is tough and if we were going to be holed up for a while, I wanted them to enjoy themselves at home. I bought different art supplies and creative materials in case they wanted to experiment and make crafts,” she says.

    She also introduced her little ones to the world of gardening. Lately, their family has been nurturing a newfound love for plants, flowers, and even insects. This little hobby of theirs has also turned out to be a learning experience as they would be looking up the species and reading more about them on the internet.

    Going online has not just been a source of latest news, updates, and additional knowledge for Riki’s family. She goes as far as to say that the internet has made life in quarantine more bearable for her and her kids.

    “With reliable connections from PLDT Fibr, we were able to keep in touch with our different family members and friends through video calls. We also enjoyed family movie nights by watching new and old films together, and we even fell in love with K-pop,” she said.

    It seems that through streaming music videos of Korean idols that Riki uncovered a special hidden talent of her children: dancing!

    Riki also mentions how four-year-old Calix was able to continue with his kindergarten classes online seamlessly with help of PLDT.

    “At first, it was difficult to get him to understand why everything had to be through a computer screen right now, but we have all adapted and our mornings are much smoother now,” she shares. “I’m also thankful because my husband and I tag team when it comes to Calix’s online classes. He prints the materials and I sit in and facilitate the actual class.”

    One thing that Riki is grateful for in this year is how she was able to understand her family more. “As a mom, I can say that I saw and learned more about my kids, about their interests and their talents. I wouldn’t have been able to get closer to them if I wasn’t working from home,” she says.