Rhian grateful for the little things


    A MONTH and a half of extended quarantine has given Rhian Ramos enough time to meditate and made her more reflective about life.

    “This period of isolation has given me a new perspective in life,” she says in an online interview. “You know how they say that you don’t really know what you have until it’s gone? I realized it’s so true. Now, I’m not just grateful for the little things, like taking walks in the park, I really long for them!”

    She has not gone out for so long and is just staying in her condo.  “Earlier today, I went outside to sit under the sun, which I haven’t done in over a month. A woman from our building’s staff then approached me and politely asked me to go back to my unit. I nodded, I know it’s for my own safety, but then, I cried a little, before going back inside. She must’ve thought I was nuts!”

    What does she look forward to doing when the lockdown is finally lifted?

    “Una sa lahat, going back to work, taping new episodes for our hit primetime show, ‘Love of Your Life.’ So many people are telling me na nabitin sila kasi biglang natigil ang airing. But what can we do?”

    She says she’s surprised that so many viewers seem to like her being paired with Mikael Daez, the less favored son of Coney Reyes, in the story.

    “Nagulat nga kami ni Mikael, may chemistry pala kami, kahit alam ng lahat he has Megan Young in his life and I’m also in a relationship now, even if sa abroad nga lang siya naka-based. They’re asking what will happen to our characters, Kelly and Nikolai. So sabi ko, abangan na lang nila kapag nakapag-tape na kami ng bagong episodes and we get back on the air.”

    How’s her Israeli boyfriend, Amit Borsok, who’s in the USA?

    “Oh yes. We last saw each other in person before I got busy with ‘Love of My Life.’ Now, bawal mag-travel due to the lockdown, so tiis-tiis muna. It’s good we have the technology to communicate regularly online.”


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