Reporter’s life dramatized in ‘Off the Record’


    How do you stand up for the truth in the face of adversity? GEM, the all-Japanese entertainment channel, will be premiering another inspiring Japanese drama — “Off the Record,” a series that takes viewers into the exciting life of a tabloid reporter who hunts down scoops and exposes some ugly truths about prominent figures in the society.

    Reporter Kate Makabe writes for a weekly tabloid, exposing celebrity scandals and corruption in politics.

    With a successful career and love life, Kate’s life seems perfect until she discovers a surprising truth about the real identity of her “father,” who turns out to be a famous Hollywood celebrity.

    How will a tabloid reporter who has uncovered the many truths of people deal with one of her own?

    Japanese actress Yuriko Yoshitaka plays the impulsive journalist Kate. Joining her is Japanese actor and singer Daiki Shigeoka, who plays Haruki Nonako, Kate’s boyfriend who suddenly gets a change of heart about their relationship.

    “Off the Record” premieres on March 16, and airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9 p.m. on GEM.