Quest releases ‘Ikaw Lang’


    QUEST is unquestionably one of the best artists in Warner Music Philippines’ current roster.

    Known for his tracks “Saludo,” “Sige Lang,” “Walang Hanggan,” and “Kalawakan,” Quest’s passion and purpose go even far beyond those songs. Famous for his uplifting performances and well-known collaborations, his latest release, “Ikaw Lang,” highlights Quest as a seasoned musician.

    “Honestly, the pandemic gave me more time and space to nurture my creative side. Not just in music but in my day to day. From thinking of ways to not get bored, to creating my personal workout routine, to rearranging my room. The pandemic actually gave so much time to grow as a creative,” says Quest about how the pandemic affects his life and creativity.

    When it comes to his inspiration in “Ikaw Lang” and lockdown restrictions, Quest explains the production process for “Ikaw Lang.” “It’s a daydream song about hopeful longing. I’m fortunate to save up and build my mini workstation so I can have access to a more efficient music making process. I was imagining my future while falling and growing in love. I started playing with the words ikaw lang and built from there on. I messaged my musicians and sent the demo. I took advantage of social media so we were able to build the song even if we’re far apart.”

    For Quest, especially in the midst of the pandemic, love is very fluid. Love can be expressed in so many ways especially in the digital age. But the very core of love is still the same. Patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, self-control, respect, trust, selflessness, sacrifice – and these qualities are all reflected in Quest’s songs. “We all need to stay connected with each other to make romance alive in our lives,” says Quest, who is planning to release all the songs he created during the pandemic while hoping for more lives shows this 2021.