Prepare to meet the Mamalarang


    Horror movie “The Heiress” is introducing another character that is sure to be included in the roster of Filipino classic horror movie creatures: the Mamalarang!

    “The Heiress” is directed by Frasco Mortiz and produced by Regal Entertainment, Inc., the company that has introduced Filipino iconic creatures in numerous movies, such as “Shake, Rattle and Roll” franchise movies, “Regal Shocker,” “Tiyanak,” “Aswang,” “Impakto,” “Vampira,” “Haunted Mansion,” and “Haunted Forest,” to name a few.

    A Malalarang is a powerful dark spirit that intends to use its evil powers through a human medium, a “mambabarang,” who is known in Pinoy folklore as a sorceress who can make and put a powerful evil spell — even death — on a person.

    Award-winning actress Maricel Soriano is cast as the “mambabarang” in “The Heiress.” She is Luna, the aunt and surrogate mom of Guia, played by Janella Salvador.

    Luna devotes her life to protect Guia, and shield her from those who want to harm and hurt her. She would ruthlessly punish or kill anyone who would steal from her Guia’s love and attention, including her biological mother, Carmen (Sunshine Cruz), and her boyfriend, Renz (McCoy de Leon).

    Unbeknownst to Guia, she is the next heiress, and the only one who can stop the evil spirit Malalarang that controls Luna.

    But at the same time, since she is the heir, Guia is also capable of inheriting the powers of her aunt and can also be a threat to those who will belittle her.
    Maricel had an eerie story while shooting the film.

    “Nakaramdam kami sa set ng nilalang na nakikialam. Pinapakialaman nya ang audio namin at para bang pinipigilan niya kami matapos sa shoot,” she related. “May isang araw na pareho kami ni Direk Frasco, bigla na lang sumakit ang tuhod at di makalakad ng maayos. Sabi ko, baka tinatakot tayo nilalang na ito. Gusto ko lalong maniwala sa Barang, after this experience.”

    Regal Entertainment, Inc., which has been reputed for coming up with unforgettable movies in horror genre Philippine cinema, promises that “The Heiress” will be full of intense horror, suspense, elicits fear of reality, with familial story about an OFW and the kids that are left behind.

    The movie boasts a very well thought of story and promises to exceed in visuals and production value, which are evident in the previous movies of Regal Entertainment, Inc. such as “Shake Rattle and Roll” franchise movies, “Haunted Mansion” (Metro Manila Film Festival entry in 2016) and “Haunted Forest” (MMFF in 2017).

    Director Frasco Mortiz has proven his mettle in horror genre with his exceptional work in “Pagpag,” which was an MMFF blockbuster in 2013.

    “The Heiress’” Mambabarang is also in the house of Barang at Asylum Manila until November 27.