Pia, Cat join calls to junk Anti-Terror bill


    ‘Vivian Velez, an avowed Duterte supporter, is now questioning how they won as Miss Universe.’

    PIA Wurtzbach does not want to feel left out. Right after ex-Miss Universe Catriona Gray and Sam Milby admitted their relationship, she now confirms she and travel influencer-model Jeremy Jauncey are now in a relationship.

    As one netizen says: “Ayaw magpatalbog ni Pia kay Catriona. Kailangan umamin din siyang may jowa na siya.”

    Sam is aged 36, a Fil-Am singer-actor in local showbiz. Jeremy, in turn, is 32 years old, British-Sri Lankan and the CEO of the digital travel app called Beautiful Destinations (which should be down now since no one is traveling because of the coronavirus lockdown).

    Pia and Jeremy are featured in a pictorial of a glossy magazine with their photos taken in a mall and a hotel in New York. Jeremy has also modeled for GQ Magazine and for a local clothing brand, Bench, that even put up a billboard for him along EDSA. He was born in Venezuela, raised in Scotland for which he played rugby, but he is now based in New York.

    Both Pia and Catriona have expressed their protest against the anti-terrorism bill and because of this, Vivian Velez, an avowed Duterte supporter, is now questioning how they won as Miss Universe.

    “Panu po sila nahirang n Ms Universe wla nmn po plang brain hahahha” was Velez’ answer to a commenter who said “beauty lang pala sila walang brain brains).

    Well, Vivian can expect a backlash from Pia and Catriona fans.


    If you would notice, there are more and more stars who have been freely expressing their thoughts and feelings about social and political issues that now concern our country and the world. They have shared their sympathy for black people in the matter of racial discrimination that currently rocks the USA.

    They all believe that Black Lives matter in support George Floyd, who was ruthlessly choked by a white cop. Locally, many celebrities have also voiced their protest against the anti-terrorism bill and have likewise repeatedly called for mass testing to help curb the dreaded coronavirus in these troubled times.

    One of the more outspoken stars is Janine Gutierrez, who had no qualms in countering actress-turned-congresswoman Vilma Santos’ admittance that she voted for the anti-terrorism bill, but “with reservations.” Janine wrote in her social media account: “Kung yes with reservations ang nararamdaman mo, hindi ba dapat mag-no ka na lang hanggang masolusyunan o matanggal ang mga bagay na ikinababahala mo?”

    Of course, she was bashed because of this, but she does have a valid point there. And knowing how outspoken she is, she couldn’t care less what they will say about her as long as she has freely expressed her strong feelings about the matter.

    Other celebrities who have expressed opposition to the Anti-Terrorism Bill are Solenn Heussaff, Kathryn Bernardo, Liza Soberano, Nadine Lustre, Enchong Dee, Agot Isidro, Bibeth Orteza, Isabelle Daza, Kobe Paras and our former Miss Universe winners – Pia Wurtzbach and Catriona Gray.

    The provisions they dislike the most about the bill include warrantless arrest, extensive surveillance, and the possibility of being tagged a terrorist because of joining a peaceful rally or posting online about something authorities may interpret as terroristic.


    If you are an outspoken celebrity, you take the risk of being bashed even if you have have a legitimate cause to fight for. Haters will be haters and bashers will be bashers, so they always want to have the last say.

    One narrow-minded hater said celebrities have no right to express their opinion, writing: “Your only job is to entertain us. To take us away from reality. Your personal opinion means nothing to us. You are insignificant and influential only in your own mind. And within the mind of your elitist peers. You are a marionette to us. Nothing more. Sing. Act. Shut up.”

    Bela Padilla, another open-minded and outspoken star, answered the basher: “May I respectfully remind you that the entertainers of this country pay insane amounts of taxes that contribute to the society you live in.”

    Bela, of course, is absolutely right. Any citizen of this country has the right to voice out his opinion on matters of pressing concern. When entertainers give us movies or shows that are purely escapist, certain sectors criticize them for giving us nothing but mindless, shallow, nonsensical entertainment. Now, this idiotic basher says she wants our artists to only help her escape from reality. You certainly speak just for yourself, stupid basher!!!!


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